A Marksman is considered to be proficient in all ranged weapons, including throwing axes, ballista, catapults, cannons, etc. The first ability a marksman learns is Marksmanship, and all later abilities are only useable in concert with the Marksmanship ability.

Fighter class

Lvl    Abilities
1    Marksmanship
3    Damage is +1 die category
5    +50% range
7    +1 crit range
9    +50% range
11    +1 attack
13    +1 additional damage die
15    +50% range
17    +X1 crit damage
19    +50% range

21    +1 attack
25    +50% range
30    +50% range
31    +1 attack
35    +50% range
40    +50% range
41    +1 attack

Marksmanship (Ex): Full round action. Regardless of how many attacks the marksman usually has, he only gets 1 attack/arrow every round when using Marksmanship (no effects/bonuses/abilities/etc. can circumvent this). At level 11, he gets a 2nd attack, and a 3rd at level 21, 4th at lvl 31 etc. Using the Marksmanship ability adds +1 dmg pr. level to the shot, and he will never miss his target (which means that he will always hit what he aims for – as long as he can see it, but invisible opponents must be seen and ethereal creatures still have a 50% chance of being missed if the weapon isn’t Ghost touch, etc). Called shots for additional damage is not allowed when using Marksmanship. The Marksman still rolls the die to see if he scores a critical hit, and a natural 1 is still a miss.

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