When the wall of fire came up, all the golems suddenly came to life. 72 golems came rushing in from all directions. With so many golems we needed to get the upper hand fast so I charged right at one and started swinging. Alas the golem was still standing after my charge I figured out its combat capabilities. It would soon fall. Otamata disappeared in to thin air, Anthrax was just standing there while Mokferuso changed in to his dragon form. Knarg sprinted for the exit while Arazaka turned in to a bear before he just vanished. The golems made their attacks on me butt they all missed. Suddenly Anthrax decided it was time to do something. He started casting some kind of spell and a gate appeared. Out of the gate came a freaking huge air elemental that started attacking and suspended most of the group in mid air. I finally managed to defeat my golem adversary. His friend went the same way. The third one looked like it was ready to fall but it stood fast. It seemed like Otamata got rid of the elemental. He cast a disintegration spell at it and it disappeared. God riddance. Just 70 golems to go. Anthrax managed to dispose of two more of the golems and it looked like we actually had a chance of defeating the lot of them. But the golems had other plans. They started merging 4 and 4 in to 18 super golems. The dead ones merged as well. This was not god at all.

I charged in again and expected to at least make a dent on one of the things. I gave it all I had and nothing happened. Not a scratch.  Mokferuso gave one a wholly of chlorine gas with the same result. The golem hit back and it looked like Mok really felt it. It was time for a tactical retreat. I grabbed Romana (who somehow had managed to survive a direct hit from one of the super golems) and exited the library. Luckily everyone made it out.


We regrouped outside the library and watched as the super golems went back to their places around the library. Unfortunately they remained in super golem form. It was decided to wait until the next day before we made a new attempt on the library. Mok and Ara went outside for some exploration while the rest of us stayed indoors.


The next day we re entered the library without activating the golems. We went over to the pedestal in the middle of the room again and started wondering what this buttons was fore. Eight buttons in a circle with no symbol on them. Mok pushed the top button and the word “sky “appeared over it. The rest of the buttons were also tried out, each showing a word. I suggested we probably needed to push all the buttons but in the right order so Mok pushed in “travel to the divine sky castle of dragons”. An eight pointed star appeared in the middle of the console and Mok pushed it. Suddenly a gate appeared and since we can’t turn away halfway we all entered.


We found ourselves on a platform high on a mountainside. Very high. Like 30.000m up.

It was freezing cold so those who were not immune to cold damage continued to loose health. The air was also so thin that it made flying impossible.

What we could see here on the platform was a 450m long skeleton of a dragon witch was chained to the wall. Next to it we saw a 300m tall dragon head carved in to the mountain side.

I walked over to the edge of the platform to have a look down but could not see anything else than the mountainside and some clouds far below.


The mouth looked like an entrance of sorts so we went over there. The dragon mouth was indeed an entrance. The tunnel stretched about 200m before it ended in a gate of sorts. We just noticed a fist sized groove in the gate most likely for a key when it felt like all the air was sucked out of the tunnel. We turned around just to see a wall of fire coming down the tunnel and hit us. When the flames died out we could see the what we thought to be the remains of a dragon looking down on us from the entrance. So the chained up dragon skeleton wasn’t all dead anyway. Just as I started running out to meet it we saw a fist sized jewel embedded in its forehead. That had to be the key for the gate.

I went in to “Heroic fight” and as I ran up the tunnel to meet the dragon I noticed beams of magical energy coming from behind hitting the dracolich. It looked like he was seriously hurt and he suddenly came rushing down the tunnel. Expecting the worst I braced myself for the coming attack. An attack that never came. He just rushed past me focused on the guys at the gate. They must have really pissed him off. But I’m not one to be ignored. A fatal mistake from his part.

Saying that he rushed past me isn’t that accurate. The dracolich was so long that when he reached the gate his body was right next to me. All I had to do was strike. I enabled my time stop ability and gave him hell. When the time stop expired a little later I was sitting on top of a heap of bones polishing my swords.


Three dracoliches encountered. Three dracoliches slain by Artemis. Granted I think the squints did most of the work this time but you don’t need to tell them that. You know these spell casters and their lofty egos.


We found the jewel and placed it in the socket on the gate.

The gate opened and we entered something that looked like a paradise. Green trees, a lake with a river and lots of wildlife. Very nice. I’m looking forward to finding out what kind of place this is.



Artemis Dupree


Blade of Lucifer

Innkeeper, Lilly of the West


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