Knarg and I desided that we wanted to explore the ruins a bit. Wandering around in the old ruins, Knarg suddenly fell through the vegetation. I managed to smash my way through the dense vegetation to try an find Knarg. There was a big pool of some kind under there, so I found Knarg unconcious in the jaws of a ridiculously big crocodile, and there were 11 more of them there. They were though opponents, but i managed to kill most of them. Some of them fled through a tunell near the bottom of the pool. I managed to get Knarg back to the surface, and get him concious, but he was in real bad shape. But the battle wasn`t over. Suddenly lots of huge tentacles shot up from the water, and lashed at us. I managed to fight them of for a while, but with poor Knarg in such bad shape, he was an easy target. One of the tentacles grabbed him, and pulled him under. No way!! I changed into a Tarasque, and plunged straight into the face of the monster below. I gave it a flurry of blows, but I could not kill it, before it escaped in a cloud of inc and blood. But I managed to see that it escaped through the same tunell as the crocs. So I  was soon in pursuite. I entered a huge tunelling system, with lots of tunells coming from all directions, but the bloodtrail made the monster easy to track. Suddenly, I came into a huge cave, with a roof of galss, and what lokked like a magnificent library above. And in the corner of the cave, I found the monster, klinging to Knarg, and its life. But no mercy, I had to save my dear old friend. Knarg was in such a bad shape now, that after a quick diagnostics, I found out that I was forced to perform surgery on him, if I was to save his life. Fortunately, the surgery went well.

I also found a magic potion in the cave. If you drink the potion, you become a white werewolf. But not time for that now, we have a library to plunder.

With the help of spells, we managed to enter the library. All the bookshelfs were protected by some sort of glass. As a result, all the books lookes to be in mint condition. But looking around, I saw that there were dozens of these golden statues in the room. So I figured thet there was som kind of mechanism on the protective glass, that would activate them if not opened correctly. But what also caught my curious eye, was a great tome in center of the room. The label spelled “Codex Of The Demigods”. But something told me that opening the book would be risky, but with potential great reward. I took the chance and soon felt that this was a mighty thome. It nearly killed me. After reading for a day, I learned a lot, but I also felt that this was mentaly exhausting. I read in the book the next 12-13 days, and felt more powerful for each day, but the book was getting mentaly harder for each day, so I dared not read any more, case I felt I was about to loose my mind. So I will leave the book for now, and tell the others about it, so they also can get the opportunity to read. But now I have to figure out a way to open these glasses.


-Anthrax, reader of books.






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