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Ottamata knew this would be a day not like any other day he had experienced. For seven days he had prepared a nest, a home, a place to return to if his bode ever was killed. The universe would restore it, -he was sure. It felt right. His senses were sharp, his breath clear, his mind open. He rose, packed his bag and placed it neatly close to his bed. He went down to 6th floor, where he met Mokferuso and some other. He just uttered: “I’m ready”, and stepped into the Black Metal Transformer. Mokferuso pushed the green button, and Ottamata was enveloped by a cold, black liquid, totally covering him. Some seconds later Mokferuso pushed the red button, and Ottamata fell to the floor; shaken, but alive. His skin was now replaced by Black Metal, and he felt different. Ottamata smiled and left for his nest to pick up his bag.

The rest of the party was discussing which vessel to use. They knew they were going down, deep down into the lake, deeper than they ever had been before, but a lot of the time was spent on discussing whether or not to use the small crafts rather than the larger one. After some intense hours of discussing, the heroes chose one large ship rather than small ones. They lost maneuverability, but now Mokferuso could shoot while someone else drove the ship. One transporter was chosen and proudly named “Tirpitz”. Our heroes also spent some time learning how to steer Tirpitz, i.e. Mokferuso threw a wish, asking for Knarg to learn piloting. Knarg read the repair manual, learning how to fix the ship if something went wrong.

The assassination team was now ready to launch. But how? The hatch for transporting Tirpitz to the deck of the ship was closed, and the emergency system barely had enough power to sustain lightening and the elevator. The answer was chlorine gas from the dragons, etching up the steel. But it worked! Knarg easily maneuvered the ship into the air and landed smoothly on the calm surface. Tirpitz behaved, and suddenly the ship started to sink into the deep, black and unknown water…

It quickly became dark, and the heroes had to rely on their sharp senses as well as the ship’s radar system. The first 5000 meters went quite well, and suddenly 3 gigantic sharks appeared on the radar. Although the radar had a range of 1 km, the dots moved rapidly toward Tirpitz. Anthrax and Mokferuso used the sharks as target practice, because they were unable to do any damage to our solid ship. At 10 km a beholder kind of creature, 100 meter in diameter approached. Anthrax didn’t take any risks and left the ship. The beast didn’t even stand an Intensified Cone of Cold, and ended its miserable life (if one may call it a life?) frozen into pieces. So far, so good. So what next?

Knarg had his steady hand on his instruments, and Tirpitz descended to 20 km. Now Tirpitz started making noises, and the team had to make a halt to identify certain loose nuts. Knarg opened some hatches, used frequently dived into his toolbox for screwdrivers and wrenches. Quite interesting how our little comrade moved around, fixing stuff, but Tirpitz clearly didn’t like the environment he was put into. The party moral went from ok to a bit more nervous when a swimming naga moved at an incredible speed towards the ship. The beast coiled itself around the ship and squeezed. Tirpitz didn’t like it at all and started to take damage. Anthrax, now on the outside of the ship, resembling a pike, didn’t like it either, and casted an Intensified Horrid Wilting. The naga didn’t like it at all, and did the only appropriate thing; it died.

The hull was damaged, but could be repaired. It would take some time, so after a quick cost-value-evaluation the group went up and grabbed another ship. It was named Potemkin, and Potemkin took the heroes deep down under the sea. But also Potemkin felt the fury of a 20 km water column above it. The bald heroes went down to 22300 meters below water level, before they realized that it was futile to go any deeper. Potemkin ascended to 20 km. It looked like Anthrax was the only hope for going any deeper.

However, the group was distracted. 80 singing mermaids approached the vehicle, and unbelievably managed to charm Mokferuso, thereby gaining access to the craft. Mokferuso was in love for the first time, and he seemed satisfied. But Anthrax wasn’t satisfied with anything. The mermaids seem to be quite resistive with respect to damage, but he killed one of them. The creature died in a scream, and the other mermaids (except one) left. But they weren’t gone for long. Old daddy’o, an undead gigantic octopus, was woken from his sleep, and he looked a bit grumpy…

The shark and the octopus. Beasts from below.


Mokferuso’s eternal love.