Adventurer Logs

Although our parents didn’t want us to be there, we insisted in staying. They tried to give us some sleeping potions, and we knew something was terribly wrong. Of course we refused. Instead we tried to be part of the action, by offering our services. They refused, saying open confrontation was too dangerous.

Their plan was to somehow trigger some green crystal, killing the dwarfs. A volunteer, an old man of the people, got the honorable task of detonating the crystal, thereby killing himself and the dwarfs.
The morning after we had breakfast as usual, and after a while we all started working. We tried to locate our parents by continuously moving into the cave, as we were picking their precious metal. After a kilometer or so, we discovered a starball, a huge stone, 100 meters in diameter, which once came hurling from the sky and crashed right here. We also discovered our parents and 4 others, armed with swords and shield, looking quite dangerous. I guess the luck somehow ran out for them, as we were spotted by 5 gestapos and the 10 dwarves. Although the initial plan wasn’t a success, the explosion somehow was. The crystal worked fine, and killed our parents along with the dwarfs and the old of the people. This really was a shock for us, seeing our parents burst into flames as an explosion. They gave their lives for a decent cause, and my memory of them will forever be cherished and lay deep within my heart. The explosion started an avalanche, and cut us 6 from the outside world.

The other 4 just gave up, as they understood we were stuck inside without food or water. We knew that we probably would die of hunger or thirst before a potential rescue team was able to dig a tunnel to our rescue. We started to investigate the starball. First we found cracks inside it, and we followed them until we came to the center of the starball. Here we had a very strange experience. We saw a red fog, and entered. We were somehow floating inside the warm fog, and it was a strange sensation as we no longer felt hunger or thirst. Something was alive in there, and we felt a pulsing heartbeat. Damage taken also disappeared. It was a sensational feeling, and we spent some time trying to communicate with the divine creature. As a result, we got older and fire resistance.

Informing our companions about the incredible inner parts of the starball, they gladly joined us. One of them fall and broke his neck. I managed to hold him while climbing and pushed him into the red fog. And he came back alive! All joined us as we got refreshed having a daily red bath.
On day 6 after the explosion, we heard noises and shouting from outside. Obviously the rescue team had arrived. We stayed quiet and stayed put.

Day 8 arrived, and we decided to leave the starball. One decided to stay inside the fog. So we left. The plan was to sneak out and leave unseen, but unfortunately this wasn’t as easy as planned. We were spotted by some of the workers. They told us that the terror regime had arrested a lot of innocent inhabitants, 100 persons at least, and is planning a mass execution in Arkmouth.

We tried to find our equipment, but it had been removed. We gathered some food and prepared for departure. Hopefully we’ll be able to sneak out without notice, steal a boat and go home.

Remember the beginning of last winter; when you looked out of the window and saw the first snow in the air, and a cheerful joy embraced your heart? Well, this wasn’t exactly what last morning looked like. Black ships with black soldiers entered Wakepool, all nearby cities as well as the capital of our beloved country. They calmly took control over the population, and although it seemed a calmly takeover, they actually brought tyranny and violence. Special ones with gifts had to report their abilities, and were promptly drowned somewhere offshore.

My brother and I discussed this a while, and decided to investigate a bit. My carpenter firm is doing quite well, and we’ve used the profit to gain an understanding of the surrounding chaos. We discovered some interesting issues.
a) Our parents, Francis and Jessica Debois, are actually heroes of the community, and are probably on a mission right now. They are the only known resistance group in the vicinity.
b) The soldiers are somewhat similar to people from Arctica, but have been subject to a very powerful demon king. They are now pale with black eyes, have enchanted physical attributes, dark vision, and they wear leather armor and two swords. Their numbers are unknown, but about 70 is located in Wakepool. No known weaknesses. The leader of the pack is located in Archmouts, and is some sort of a demon.
c) The new order is interested in some metal located under the glacier in south. The metal is light, hard and strong, and shall be used for some kind of imminent war. They also has some kind of population plan, probably by removing spell casters and gifted people.

We decided to do some field search, and volunteered for digging some of their precious metal. We entered a ship, and sailed south for two weeks. About 500 others had also volunteered for mining, and 11 strange creatures, some kind of dwarfs probably. They were private contractors, small, black, not very likeable, and was to build a forge to extract the metal. I decided to challenge one of them in arm wrestle. When he didn’t win in the first round, he transformed into a big and gruesome version of himself. We wrestled for a while, and he got taunted to a point where he pulled some concealed blades and actually killed the other guy. Now they were only 10.

Suddenly we saw our parents! Their first words were “But you shouldn’t be here now!” A strange comment when you see your offspring for the first time in months…

We had saved the wild world, like we do with all worlds we visit. Everything was ready for our return to our homeworld, but as usual, Mokferouso had to read some book for several days before we could leave. With Romana deteriorating by the minute, i felt it is a bit selfish to set ones own reading need in front of something like that. But Mokko is what he is. We traveled to the hypergate and Romana punched the correct coordinates and got us back to the city of union, or CoU as Mokferouso likes to call it nowadays.

As expected we were met by the city guards when we came through the portal, and they strictly but politely escorted us to the union council. I tried to reason with the council and even with our mighty gifts, they would not listen to reason. I wonder how someone so rigid and square ever got the right to live, even less to lead someone. Its total madness as I see it. But at least they let us enter the Plane of trials to helt Romana finis her insane quest, before we got our 6 month ban from the city. We found Romanas employer without any problems, we handed him a mighty cube with unlimited possibilitys, and we got a berry in return, fair trade. He started fiddling with the cube and one could see a grin growing for each move he made on the cube, untill suddenly the grin turned to a pout. Surely he had fucked it up, a portal opened and som hiddeous creatures came through and draged him with them back through the gate. I only got a short glimse, but the other side of the gata didn`t look too pleasant. Believe me, ive seen hell, even endured it, but this looked like a worse kind of hell. So good luck to you mate and thanks for the berries.


And thats that, poff, we were at the Lilly of the west. Arthemis` decayed pub. Our arrival emptied the facilities in a mather of secunds. But the “barkeeper” managed to say that Innia wanted a word. So, with the cast of a mundane mass teleport, we all suddenly found our selves outside of Innias castle. The guards paniced and ran for their lives. Stupid, if i wanted them dead, running wouldn`t have helped them one bit. We entered the castle and Innias throne room.  All of the important people in the resistance was there. The congregation looked shocked when we entered. Like we were some kind of ghosts. They said word of our deeds have been whispered in the darkness. But no one was sure if it was fact or fiction. Well I can tell you all its not fact, we are indeed as awesome as the storys would have it, and maybe even more so. The resistance told us about their army and what we are up against. I have been fighting against some of these people before, and i can`t help but wonder. Where did thei massive armies go? When i was up against them they were many times the amount of soldiers. Strange, i think some of them are holding back at us.

But the real problem, besides the obvious Sauron, is Shelob and her 100000 eggs. If these eggs hatch, the dragons will annihilate any resistance. But i have a joker up my sleve. A scroll that i haven`t told anyone about. This scroll will asure the destuction of Shelob and all her offspring. So once again the burden of turning the tides falls on the friendly neighbourhood necromancer. If i succeed, it will raise the moral for our troops, and devastate Sauron and his feeble troops. Sauron might be wary of me, so he might have something planed for me. This might be the last adventure for Anthrax the little boy from Isobar, one last task.

So Shelob, would you honor me with this last dance…….







Our job was done, the ancient plague was neutralized, and it was time for us, the mighty heroes from the material plane, to leave Wild World. Mokferuso thought this was an excellent idea, but had some work left to do. He hadn’t finished his study within The Codex of Demigod, so he spent 3 days and acquired 3 abilities; WIS +1, physical damage +5 and +10 fast healing (also working in wild world). The party voted whether or not to release the draconic dragons still alive, and unfortunately for the beasts, they still have to rest in their chains. The loot found in the library was collected, and most of the objects were somehow interesting enough to be put to use elsewhere. The heroes went to the portal by the mysterious, flying ship, which was left here for later use. Romana placed the coordinates in the mighty Portal, thereby providing access to City of Union. We all entered.


Immediately after entering City of Union (CoU), we were arrested by a Union Sentinel, and promptly taken to the Union Council, where all members were present. Of course they wanted to know why we had broken one of the laws of the city, thereby being banished from the city for six months. We addressed Chief councillor Revenia, and Anthrax produced stories which touched their hearts and gave us a bit more sympathy. In addition we presented a mighty gift, the book describing the forbidden portal and how to safely visit other universes. They were impressed! Mokferuso thought it would be a good idea to also tell the council about Sauron, the evil necromancer who had captured the demon Chaosalem inside him, gaining all his powers, and present the forbidden deed as a way to conquer him. We got their sympathy and finally everyone gained access to the Plane of Trials (POT), where our award was awaiting.


A Union Sentinel brought the heroes to another entrance, and we safely entered POT not far away from the Lars Monsen look-alike, who sat at the camp fire, warming his hands. He was quite pleased when he saw Romana, and asked for the cube. Mokferuso handed it over to him, and in return everyone got a berry to eat. All ate it, and got the following bonuses; CHA +5, Nat. AC increased by 1 per second level, initiative +5, + 5 on attributes placed wherever you want. It was, in the beginning, a win-win situation. Everyone were happy. The heroes for increasing their powers, Romana for getting her gear and Sirrush as well as increasing her powers, and Lars Monsen for his hellraiser cube. He started pushing and twisting the cube, and we all knew that he had to do it twenty times in order to achieve the possibility to twist reality. Fortunately for the universe, and in the same time unfortunately for him, he somewhere lost track of his operation and instead of controlling the cube, the cube somehow controlled him. Pinhead advanced from his hideous universe, throwing some sort of angles at Lars Monsen, capturing and slowly dragging Lars Monsen from POT to his sado-masochistic Hell, where his near future looked a bit like this; being tortured for the next 10 000 years. Lars Monsen screamed like no-one had ever done before, and the screaming eventually stopped when the portal closed behind them. We picked up the cube and left POT, and were immediately expelled from CoU for six months. How rude and uncivilized!


We entered Lili of the West, Arthermis’ water hole. His friend, someone so unimportant that his name isn’t worth saying, told us to return to Princess Innia’s castle for some sort of a meeting. Mokferuso sighted; there’s always someone who wants his attention. Some mighty mass teleport without error brought the heroes to the castle. The ice giants, normally guarding the entrance, flew from us upon sight. Strange behaviour… We entered, and the crowd stopped talking. The silence were total. Obviously, we had all changed, -except Arazaka Hara, of course, who is always at prime age. Princess Innia addressed us, and told us that stories of our deeds had been whispered in the corners of this world. We smiled, and explained our advancement to becoming demigods and demigod ascendants. Which they didn’t understand of course. Anyway, all members of the White Resistance were present. Their army was ready to attack upon demand, and the dwarven portal had been made ready for the final push. The 100 000 dragondemons were one day from hatching, and a woman and a man (sounds familiar Anthrax?), had been breeding a demonic orc race to mount the dragondemons. Some other information was also given; size of Sauron’s army, our army, Shelob and Sauron’s fortress. We’re hopelessly outnumbered, we need to act, and we need to do it fast. By the way; where is Balthazar and his pack of no-go(o)ds? (Ta-ching!). I will need his sword for beheading Sauron!


Dr. Strange said something interesting. On the top of the mountain in Himmelbyen, where Silvereye has his HQ, is Angelius’ heart. Brought to the dragon mountains, and a ritual is probably needed, he will awake and be able to stop Sauron. On the other hand, he might still be hungry and devouring the planet is a probable event…


Our second option is using time, letting Romana build her strength as a Godslayer before finishing Sauron within one year. Unfortunately, this might cause the annihilation of most living beings.


A third option is to use Baltazar’s sword, finishing Sauron with a natural 20. This is possible, but maybe together with the cube, -after Anthrax or someone as brave as Mokferuso, has solved it. This, of course, will bring the user down in HP, thereby weaken him permanently. Not a pleasant scenario, but it might work.


But first we need to finish 100 000 unhatched demondragons. Does someone have a plan? Anyone…?? HELLO???




Mokferuso, Arazaka Hara and Ottamata

Agents in the service of Good



Pics: Innia’s Ice Castle and the (new inhabitant of Hell) Lars Monsen-figure.

lars monsen

Ottamata knew this would be a day not like any other day he had experienced. For seven days he had prepared a nest, a home, a place to return to if his bode ever was killed. The universe would restore it, -he was sure. It felt right. His senses were sharp, his breath clear, his mind open. He rose, packed his bag and placed it neatly close to his bed. He went down to 6th floor, where he met Mokferuso and some other. He just uttered: “I’m ready”, and stepped into the Black Metal Transformer. Mokferuso pushed the green button, and Ottamata was enveloped by a cold, black liquid, totally covering him. Some seconds later Mokferuso pushed the red button, and Ottamata fell to the floor; shaken, but alive. His skin was now replaced by Black Metal, and he felt different. Ottamata smiled and left for his nest to pick up his bag.

The rest of the party was discussing which vessel to use. They knew they were going down, deep down into the lake, deeper than they ever had been before, but a lot of the time was spent on discussing whether or not to use the small crafts rather than the larger one. After some intense hours of discussing, the heroes chose one large ship rather than small ones. They lost maneuverability, but now Mokferuso could shoot while someone else drove the ship. One transporter was chosen and proudly named “Tirpitz”. Our heroes also spent some time learning how to steer Tirpitz, i.e. Mokferuso threw a wish, asking for Knarg to learn piloting. Knarg read the repair manual, learning how to fix the ship if something went wrong.

The assassination team was now ready to launch. But how? The hatch for transporting Tirpitz to the deck of the ship was closed, and the emergency system barely had enough power to sustain lightening and the elevator. The answer was chlorine gas from the dragons, etching up the steel. But it worked! Knarg easily maneuvered the ship into the air and landed smoothly on the calm surface. Tirpitz behaved, and suddenly the ship started to sink into the deep, black and unknown water…

It quickly became dark, and the heroes had to rely on their sharp senses as well as the ship’s radar system. The first 5000 meters went quite well, and suddenly 3 gigantic sharks appeared on the radar. Although the radar had a range of 1 km, the dots moved rapidly toward Tirpitz. Anthrax and Mokferuso used the sharks as target practice, because they were unable to do any damage to our solid ship. At 10 km a beholder kind of creature, 100 meter in diameter approached. Anthrax didn’t take any risks and left the ship. The beast didn’t even stand an Intensified Cone of Cold, and ended its miserable life (if one may call it a life?) frozen into pieces. So far, so good. So what next?

Knarg had his steady hand on his instruments, and Tirpitz descended to 20 km. Now Tirpitz started making noises, and the team had to make a halt to identify certain loose nuts. Knarg opened some hatches, used frequently dived into his toolbox for screwdrivers and wrenches. Quite interesting how our little comrade moved around, fixing stuff, but Tirpitz clearly didn’t like the environment he was put into. The party moral went from ok to a bit more nervous when a swimming naga moved at an incredible speed towards the ship. The beast coiled itself around the ship and squeezed. Tirpitz didn’t like it at all and started to take damage. Anthrax, now on the outside of the ship, resembling a pike, didn’t like it either, and casted an Intensified Horrid Wilting. The naga didn’t like it at all, and did the only appropriate thing; it died.

The hull was damaged, but could be repaired. It would take some time, so after a quick cost-value-evaluation the group went up and grabbed another ship. It was named Potemkin, and Potemkin took the heroes deep down under the sea. But also Potemkin felt the fury of a 20 km water column above it. The bald heroes went down to 22300 meters below water level, before they realized that it was futile to go any deeper. Potemkin ascended to 20 km. It looked like Anthrax was the only hope for going any deeper.

However, the group was distracted. 80 singing mermaids approached the vehicle, and unbelievably managed to charm Mokferuso, thereby gaining access to the craft. Mokferuso was in love for the first time, and he seemed satisfied. But Anthrax wasn’t satisfied with anything. The mermaids seem to be quite resistive with respect to damage, but he killed one of them. The creature died in a scream, and the other mermaids (except one) left. But they weren’t gone for long. Old daddy’o, an undead gigantic octopus, was woken from his sleep, and he looked a bit grumpy…

The shark and the octopus. Beasts from below.


Mokferuso’s eternal love.

Mokferuso sat down at one of the computers, and his fingers magically touched the letters, thereby bringing text on the screen. After a while he realized one thing; the ship was without power, except from the emergency generator now activated. At level 6, however, he found a fault notification, so the new crew on this ship decided to do some research down at level 6. They all entered the elevator and pressed 6.

At level 6 they could choose from 3 exits. They found ships, -lots of them, used for exploration above and beneath water. Elevator ramps for moving these huge vehicles were strategically placed in the center of the room. And they found bodies, but these had died by Black Death, not being ripped into small pieces by claws. They entered one of them, and the ship was in remarkably good shape. The ship’s computer told us the story about how the personnel excavated the planet for plants and wild life, and how tiny people was harvested and transported back here. They also found armors, especially made to travel at large depths, making the wearer able to survive in the abyss for a month. A weaponry was also discovered, with blaster rifles and pistols as well as grenades. A plan how to get the whale was slowly forming in Mokferuso’s mind. They also found manuals for different feats; armor I-IV, cautious, gear head, multishot blasters, spacer, starship dodge, starship operations, zero gravity combat; a great place for self-confident adventurers to broaden their view.

Suddenly Mokferuso and Anthrax froze, like something excited had happened. Later they could tell the others that the unknown passenger had showed up on their radar, but disappeared, like like … yeah, like he plane shifted? Anthrax correctly assumed he/she/it was now was in shadow plane, lurking somewhere, but needed to be in the real plane to change floors.

The party god an idea; why not use Time Pool to get information about the soon-to-be opponent, at the time when the commander and his life guards were killed? Anthrax shapechanged into a draconic sapphire dragon, and the minute after, the mirror revealed information from the past; a black creature, able to plane shift, with sharp claws made his way through the cabin door, some sort of cat with 8 feet, about 1 meter long attacked with blinding speed and killed its opponents with its sharp claws. It gave considerably damage, and disappeared in a shadow. Good guess, Anthrax!

They decided to enter level 8, where they knew the lab was supposed to be. The lab, however, was in a terrible condition. Total chaos! Dead people, books, test tubes, personal belongings and a pile of extracted tiny people met us. But the lab was huge, as well as the living quarter next to it. Lot of interesting stuff, but a rectangular slab of something resembling black metal with a statue inside caught our attention. Mokferuso checked the journal; the last carbon process had been initiated by one of the researchers, and the end result would be that the skin would be shifted with black metal, -if you survive 10 constitution checks DC 21-30. Prior to the last transformation, a semi-intelligent, trusty, catlike creature with 8 feet had been through the same process. The journal did not say, but we guessed it had some devastating consequences to the crew. The green button would complete the process, so we pushed it. The scientist didn’t manage his checks, died and evaporated. This transformation would give the recipient some marvelous properties, but as usual, also some drawbacks (GM will make an article).

20 potions were found. Another journal told a story of 2 million dead tiny people, and their energies being transformed into these potions; potential giving the person drinking these some powers within something called “The force”; force points, feats etc. Constitution checks starting at 20 with at +2 for each potion.
When the party discussed these findings, Anthrax suddenly saw a shadow moving within this room. He calmly notified the others, but they did not pay attention to the threat. Instead Knarg and Romana decided to try the transformation process, thereby gaining new abilities, hopefully providing them better chances to survive future treats. And they both survived! Hurray! Anthrax wasn’t so pleased being watched, so he shifted his presence to shadow plane. The monster immediately attacked him, so he used his blaster rifle and shot the beast 4 times. And everyone who have seen Anthrax do damage, know he deals a lot. But the creature kept on running towards him, and attacked with teeth and claws. Anthrax shifted back to the real plane, and Mokferuso threw Gungne at the catlike creature, but it didn’t die. Instead it attached itself to Anthrax with its teeth, trying to use its claws. Stoneskin has never been more welcomed than that day! The next round Anthrax finished the beast, but suddenly it started to split, and instead of one dead monster we now had two live monsters. Now the heroes had to think. The solution was the “Damnation” spell. Anthrax threw the spell at one of the beasts, and “poof”, -it was gone! Mokferuso hit the other with the same spell, and “poof”, it was gone too. Cheers and hurrays’ echoed in the halls, as everyone knew this was a victory. Mokferuso and Anthrax shook hands, congratulating each other with the sudden, and most welcomed, defeat.

Ottamata started to make the commander quarter into his private shrine. He has planned to go through the same test as Knarg and Romana, but will not take the chance to perish.
At level 16 we found some small one crew ships. They were quite potent, and may be used for whale hunting…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata
Vest Hero Party

The transporter found on level 6.


White smaller version of the monster encountered.

Mokferuso took a second glance at the Codex of the Demigods. It was tempting, calling his name, but the risk was high, -at least if one got to greedy. But confident of his own capacity, -and his ability to reroll an unfavorable dice, he opened the Codex. He was first hit by an intense pain; it was like the Codex tried to overcome his defenses and annihilate him.  Mokferuso tried to focus on survival, and a spit second later he won. The first three days he read, he had no luck, but the next 6 days he managed to get trick some knowledge from the Codex (shark taming proficiency, +1 STR, DR +10/all, +5 physical dmg, +1 CON, and a second NWP).

Meanwhile, Arazaka Hara had some thoughts about the lake people. Without a Miracle spell, someone had to help the tribe or the ancient plague would wipe them all out. But was it a correct action to perform, -seen from a natural point of view? The answer had to be “yes”; we brought the plague to this valley of Eden, and they have no remedy, -yet. Since Mokferuso didn’t pay anyone but the Codex any attention, he asked Anthrax if he would join him back to the sky palace. Anthrax Goldheart agreed, and they used the teleport as transportation. The dead draconic lich was dead as ever. We found the key to the entrance and entered. The dryads were surprised to see us so soon, but Arazaka calmly explained why they were there and what his mission was. The explanation made sense, and the team of two found the lake people and explained that Arazaka would oversee them as the plague broke out. They agreed to eat his Hero’s feast, -as long as it tasted good. Anthrax oversaw the feasts, and when he saw the progress Arazaka made, he left for the library.

Anthrax started to read in the relatively small book named “The Stargate”. It explained how to use the Stargate as well as emphasizing on the fact that you could travel between different kinds of universes, -not within a universe. On the cover we found some coordinates to origin of the Stargate. On demand, and with a little help, Romana wrote the coordinates to the “Wild World” and “City of Union”.  The book also explained a fail/safe mechanism; If you don’t know the right coordinates; instead of you being teleported to the right spot, something … let’s say ugly, will be teleported to you! Hah, -fancy that!
Atlanteia had a small briefing about making antidotes. She couldn’t tell precisely how to make the antidote; -if we in fact managed to get the gland from the demigod whale, but if she saw it, she might be able. Anyway, -it’s probably the best shot we’ll get. I hope she brought her travel laboratory with her.

After reading, we travelled to the lake with the demigod whale. “I recon we’ve seen this before”, Knarg uttered. And yes, we had passed it two times. The reason we all knew we had been here before, was quite obvious; there was a humongous military ship in this lake, and with excitement and enthusiasm we all flew there as quickly as possible, -invisible, of course. The ship was metallic, and it was quite obvious that it had been here for a while, due to alga and vegetation. Some flying dinosaurs had inhabited the upper deck. We noticed some kind of flying dish on top of the vessel, and we landed. The ship looked like an enclosed floating fortress. We found a door and pushed some buttons close by.

“Tssssshhhhh”. A load noise filled the air, and the door opened. We entered and closed the door behind us. Mokferuso bravely pushed some buttons further in, and another door opened. This room was big, some 18 times 18 meters, filled with foul air, computers, dead bodies wearing black uniforms; ripped in small pieces, elevator, desktops, and 3 other rooms; 2 machine rooms and one situation room. We found one button with some light, saying “emergency generator”. Mokferuso and Anthrax picked something in their dragon senses, -a creature of some sort hid somewhere below them. We pushed the button, and electricity suddenly filled the ship, lit the lights, started up the computers, and whatever lured somewhere in the ship, has left the radar for now.
“Whatever it is, -it’s strong!” Ottamata had for once opened his mouth and pointed in the direction of the elevator, where we could see how the beast had made its way through solid iron. We all went over to have a look. It didn’t look promising, but we found another button which we pushed (of course!). The elevator arrived, and we all entered and went to the first floor.

We entered through a hole in the door, a circular room with chairs and computers, screens covering whole walls; a command centre of some sort. A door went into some private quarters, and we found 3 bodies, -powerful armors covered them, but they didn’t do the victims any good. Heavy guns. We discovered the commander among them, dead as a dead dodo.  We found a journal…
The ship was part of some wild experiment. Agents were sent out throughout the universe to discover interesting places, and they returned from the wild world with smiles on their faces. The planet was filled with energy, and the tiny people were the source. They gathered two million of them, and somehow extracted the energy. But an experiment went wrong at floor 8, and a creature broke loose. He was somehow enhanced mechanically (?). Anyway, it’s not a wild guess to assume that this creature somehow tried to even the score. We found some manuals in a technological library; Astrogate (25), Computer use (29), Demolitions (29), Disable device (17), Pilot (27) and Repair (3). All DC’s 30.

To be continued…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata
The Hero Party


The naval vessel found in Wild World.

A vacuum appeared after the Watcher and the Guardian were slain, and the mighty heroes didn’t know exactly what to do with their spare time. Some started to study the library, but no one succeeded in their search for clues and information. Knarg and Arazaka flew to the dryads, to watch how the dryad community welcomed their previous members. They were both touched by the kindness and happiness shown by the dryads, and they revealed themselves and walked into the city. The mood was a bit odd, because the dryads didn’t really know if it was a good thing to loose such a powerful master. Atlanteia was pleased and wanted to celebrate the big events by a party the night after, showing gratitude to the outsiders. Arazaka and Knarg were again touched, and replied that it was obvious that the ones responsible for the deed showed up next day.

Meanwhile, Mokferuso puzzled a bit about the disappearance of the Black Draconic Dragon, and wanted to inspect the chain holding him. They flew right up in the air and started looking for the dragons, finding 6 of them, all in chains. Two were not seen, but since they hadn’t escaped, they were bound (sic.) to be there. The heroes agreed to ask the dryads, -they probably knew it. Meanwhile, they buried the Watcher and the Guardian, paying them their final respect.

The party was a success. The guest got food and drinks, as well as gifts from the dryad and nymph society; 3 epic potions. Mokferuso, Ottamata and Anthrax got one each, drank it satisfactorily, and experienced a permanent change in abilities. Mokferuso created and sang a joyful song about how this place resembled heaven on earth, while Anthrax told a stunning story how the two beasts were finally slayed; the crowd moaned, happy not to be there and to be entertained by such a powerful being. Artemis took care of the drinks, finally bringing some culture (and alcohol) to the savages.  

Anthrax got a new henchman this evening. Atlanteia was tired of being here and wanted to see the world. The group welcomed her as a true member. She told the heroes where to find the broken chain, and those who dared, went and had a look. It seemed like, based on a closer inspection, that the Watcher had set the beast free, but how it was able to flee this world and end up trapped beneath the earth for ages, we do not know. Maybe the Watcher had something to do with that as well?

After Artemis had looked for a while, Mokferuso found some information about the Draconic Dinosaurs; how the specie was created, what their purpose had originally been (before getting trapped by the Watcher?), and how the dracolich dragon had been placed outside as a guardian. The Watcher had been put here to oversee the creation, -not interfere, but since he was trapped here he probably did what he could to stop the intention of his Greater God. One question rises; should the dragons be set free, to take their responsibilities as intended? Or should we, as Anthrax suggested, just kill’em all? We all need to give it a thought. And finally; the cup holding the black liquid was the phylacteryl of the dracolich dragon.

The next discussion was about who should drink the magic black liquid, thereby putting himself at a never ending killing spree. No one dared, scared by the thought of being ultimately annihilated in case of a bad parry. No one, except Romana. She drank it while the others just stood and watched. Afterwards, we smashed the chalice, thereby giving the dracolich dragon its ultimate final blow. Poor Romana. We all feel sorry for her, but I guess she’ll manage to survive.  We returned to the library below, getting ready for the riddles awaited our clever minds.

It actually went quite well. We answered the first 7 riddles correctly, and in a rush of enthusiasm, Artemis uttered “Riddles, -I love riddles!”  We had conditional success with the rest, but in light of the level of difficultness, the heroes did well; 32 out of 40 is 80% success! The main part was that the group worked as one, overcoming the hard obstacles. The next hard work is to share the prize; it might be… interesting?

The golden hero troika


 The chalice that needed to be broken: 

When Mokferuso had finished making the longbow, he went outside. He was quite exited; Anthrax had just turned 43 or something, and Mokferuso wanted to give him something. He knew Anthrax quite well. He had no hard feelings with respect to some torture incidents in the past or loud disagreements in Loke’s tower. But it wasn’t easy finding the perfect gift; Anthrax was easily offended and quite rude if he somehow was provoked or misunderstood something other persons found obvious. Mokferuso gently lifted his backpack and placed the content on the ground before him, and divided the lot into two; mundane and epic items in one pile and artifacts in another. A mundane gift would be considered as an insult in Anthrax’ eyes, and he would truly kill just to teach someone an example. Epic items could introduce some excitement in Anthrax’ cold heart, but Mokferuso wasn’t entirely sure. No! It had to be something special, something that could warm his frozen heart. Slowly Mokferuso’s head turned to the artifact pile, and his attention became occupied with a small, discrete book he always carried with him, found in the shadow dragon Spelunkor’s lair ages ago; “The book with no end”… Mokferuso loved this book. It had almost been a part of him, and it had numberless times saved the party’s lives. “One shouldn’t become too attached to things”, Mokferuso heard himself say. “Friendship is more valuable than this book”. Mokferuso picked up the brownish book, brushed away some dust, turned it around, inspected every inch on its cover. The content of this item had never been discovered, its secrets was still unknown. Yet. If Anthrax got this book, things would probably change. Doubt and uncertainty shook Mokferuso for a second. He rose and walked over to Anthrax. “Happy birthday”, Mokferuso said, and handed over the book to Anthrax.

Team “Heroes of might and magic” (or was it “Ogma 8”?) gathered in the Dryad community, with Atlanteia as the dryad participant. Artemis had just drunk one of Atlanteia’s potions, making him a potent silver dragon with AC improvements. The team had other things on their mind than silver dragons, although the potion was on Artemis’ mind, turning him mute during the meeting. They had visited the sea people community, and luckily for them, they weren’t affected by the horrible ancient plague yet. It gave the team time to find a clever way of getting rid of some obstacles before helping them. The last point on the agenda was what to do with Mr. Fantastic. The dryads seemed a bit reluctant, and stated that although it was desirable, it was impossible to kill Mr. Fantastic. The rest disagreed. Mokferuso wanted to ban Mr. Fantastic from this world, and if that didn’t work, remove him by force. The others somehow agreed, and the team went to Mr. Fantastic’s fantastic home.

Mr. Fantastic sat on his throne and greeted us. We tried to talk to him, but either he was a complete idiot or he ignored our peaceful intentions of removing him from his position. Mokferuso actually became uneased after Mr. Fantastic 3 times in a row didn’t tell the truth, so he named him “Liar”. Mokferuso was thereby named “Potatohead” by the mighty Watcher.  Well, Mr. Fantastic agreed to free his harem, but of some strange reason we had to do it for him. Unfortunately, we weren’t even able to open the front door… Mr. Fantastic now saw his chance to get rid of these troublesome adventures, and told the heroes that he wanted to participate in killing the Guardian. But the team of good knew his evil intentions and sweet talked with him, making him open the heaaaavy front door. Mr. Fantastic took his maul and helmet and summoned the beast.

The guardian was a three headed tarasque with a silver key around each neck. But what is 3 heads good for if you’re not able to react? Nothing! That’s exactly what the guardian experienced when Anthrax cut it into small pieces during the first round. We had less luck in killing Mr. Fantastic. Knarg had some futile attempts with the bow, but in the end Anthrax had to pick up the bow. Mr. Fantastic showed the world how to use a maul. First he missed, making people around him laugh out loud. The second time he hit Mokferuso with a severe blow, inflicting over 2000 hp of damage. Luckily Romana somehow transferred the damage to her making it vanish. Artemis used his time stop and strength to steal the maul and run, while Mokferuso used “Bigby’s clenched fist” to keep Mr. Fantastic in the room as well as multiple “wall of force” spells. Anthrax gave Mr. Fantastic over 4000 hp damage with the bow, but Mr. Fantastic had another ace up his sleeve; a Miracle removed the damage not just once, but twice before Anthrax finally shot Mr. Fantastic to his death. “Not so fuckin’ fantastic after all”, Arazaka calmly stated.

The nymphs and dryads were freed, and they ran to their homes spreading the word. The team continued to search the castle. They found a room with 4 portals, making it possible to transport the group back to the library as well as 3 other places in this world, now ruins, but they contain the constructs we know so well. The user of this machine has an opportunity to summon all constructs in one place and merge them into a “Planetary golem”, -a way to defend this world in case of an invasion.

In an empty room in the east, behind a room where you need 3 silver keys to enter, we found a white chalice with some ultra-black liquid inside, enough for one man to drink. It is the most magical object ever seen, -by us at least, and has enormous powers (game master will post it), but it includes a risk drinking it; if you get below zero HP, you’re dead and can never return.  The question is who is bold enough to drink the liquid, thereby being able to even kill gods. The prize may be high…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

Hero party

After some resting we continued in to the forest. Strangely I was not glowing anymore. I did not feel any different though, so hopefully Niblers powers were still present.


Mokferuso cast a “locate plant” to se if we could find some more of the Ghost flowers. He did detect some but our dragon senses told us there were creatures in the area. We already had some flowers and we did not want a fight if we could avid it, so we left the area.


The forest ended in a big river. On the other side was open landscape as far as we could see.

A that time we sensed that someone was stalking us. There were eight of the buggers. And they were big. Close to forty meters tall. Thinking we were safe up in the air I just flew up some more. But we were wrong. They climbed the trees and jumped up grabbing hold of Mokferuso. They were clawing on him and he started throwing fireballs at them. When the fireworks stopped I was surprised to se they still hung on. With some efforts Mokferuso managed to shake most of them off and flying higher up with only one left on his back.

I flew in starting to hammer him with sword blows. What…? No effect. I must be needing silver weapons to hit him. Blast. Thinking fast I decided to try one of the new abilities given to me by the “Arm of Loke”. I blasted him with a “Destruction” spell that toppled him of Mokferuso. When he hit the ground we could see that he immediately started to regenerate. Nasty critters. No we just had to stay out of reach. We tried shaking them of our trail but they kept on following us. Even when invisible they managed to sniff us out. Finally we cast a “Zone of sweet air” around us. This made them confused and they finally wandered off.


Some distance down river there was a bridge, so we crossed it and continued in to the wasteland. After some time it was time for a rest. It is difficult deciding time around here. It always seems to be dusk. It is neither light nor dark. Well as I said, it was time for some rest and Mokferuso cast his “Create Campsite” spell. It did not go so well. There was a big explosion and we stood there shell shocked. Blasted Wild Magic. Luckily it worked the second time.


The next day we moved on and discovered an old shack on a hilltop. We approached and knocked on the door.

A few seconds later the door went up and we stood face to face with a Death Knight carrying a shield. Being a Death Knight he was not of the hospitable type and told us promptly to go to hell. Mokferuso calmly informed him that we had already been there and had no plans of going back. The Death Knight then attacked us. Mokferuso was the fastest and turned him self in to a dragon before he lashed out at the poor sod. That would be the end of it I thought. But by some dark miracle Mokferusoe missed twice. The Death Knight did not wait. He run inside and was gone. Damned! I followed inside and found the Death Knight in a corner trying to cover himself with the shield. Mokferuso had explained that the shield was cursed and that the Death Knight was actually a dryad that was transformed. I had to make this quick. Two swift strokes and it were over. I felt sad for the poor creature so I gave him a funeral and promised to find a way to bring him back when we had dealt with the disease. Mokferuso took the shield and we headed back to the Dryads.


Once there Mokferuso grabbed the spear and since he now had both the spear and the shield he now knew how to put them together in to a two-handed axe. Mokferuso went to work and made the axe. The axe is apparently the only thing that can hurt the Guardian without him regenerating the damage.


Atlantea showed us some herbalism skills and made a potion out of the Ghost flower. The potion was given to Anthrax to cure his amnesia.

She then explained that Phoebe was actually here sister. So she would be really greatfull if we could get the necklace without hurting here. Right. Like getting a necklace from a medusas neck was not difficult enough by itself.

In preparation Mokferuso cast a “Mass Invisibility” spell that ended up creating some very local showers over our heads. Great work. We could not get rid of it so we had to call in the experts. Arazaka dispelled the bad weather but he also took off and slammed in to the ceiling. Fortunately he made it down again in one piece.


Mokferuso and I flew to the mountain were the medusa/Phoebe was supposed to be and discovered a hut by a river with a lot of stone statues of people and animals. A young female dryad was walking around in the garden. It was the only living thing there so it had to be her. Mokferuso tried to “Dominate” here in to give us the necklace but it did not seem to work. Suddenly she started levitating so I threw a “Bigby” spell to hold her in place. Off course that would have been to easy so the area around here also turned black from a “Darkness” spell caused by the Wild magic. Since “Domination did not work we had to try something stronger. I cast a “Soul Dominion” spell at here and I suddenly were in here body and in full control of here actions. I/she took of her necklace and put on the ground before i/she stepped aside so we could se the necklace. Mokferuso then used “Telekinesis” to fetch the necklace and dispelled the darkness and I released my hold on her.Missionaccomplished with no harm done to Phoebe.


Back in the camp we had to tell Atlantea why we needed her staff. Luckily she agreed on giving us the staff so we could combine the necklace and the staff to make a bow. This bow apparently is the only thing that can kill Mr. Fantastic.


Atlamtea was also very happy to hear that we had gotten the necklace from Phoebe without harming here. As a reward we could choose one of here potions. I must say that the one that transforms you in to a silver Dragon sounds very interesting. But it is a group decision so we will wait and se.


Artemis Dupree