Panzerborn is a race of intelligent arctic bears whose main habitat is Dragonia, where most of them are in the service of Queen Innia of Dragonia. The Panzerborn society is a lawful neutral mercenary society of ferocious, yet truthful, physically intimidating bears.

Size: Large
Movement: 18
Secondary skill: Armorer
Bonus NWP: Endurance
Classes allowed: Fighter and Priest classes
+2 str
+2 dex
+2 con
-2 int
-2 wis
-2 cha
Back detection (ability to detect and counter rogue backstab) (Ex): 10% pr. lvl
Detect Lies (Ex): Permanent ability to detect any lies spoken upon an automatic and successful wisdom check (DC 20)
Natural attacks: claws X2 (1d10 dmg each) and bite (1d12 dmg)
Bear hug: If you roll a natural 20 on any claw attack, you do not critically hit, but get a free bear hug for 3d8+str bonus instead.
Can fight until -9 hp
Immune to surprise
Natural AC: 14
Armor: Panzerborn make their own armor, consisting of pieces who all add to their AC in the following manner:
Helmet +2 AC
Chestplate: +4 AC
Backplate: +3 AC
Left front leg plate: +1 AC
Right front leg plate: +1 AC
Left back leg plate: +1 AC
Right back leg plate: +1 AC
Panzerborn can walk on two feet, but prefer to move around on all four. If they walk on two feet, their movement is halved.

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