Accoring to The Draconomicon, The Fifth Immortal – Silvereye, and the Goddess of Fertility – Daliah, had one offspring, Angelo. Their son was the first dragon in the world, and he started growing so fast that they decided to kill him in fear of him devouring the whole world. Inside Angelo, there were six eggs, each containing a Keeper of Magic – living draconic vessels of arcane magic. These six, in turn, are the ancestors of all true dragons. And the first dragon of every kind is a Firstborn Dragon.

So far, the following Firstborn Dragons are known:
Haru, The Golden Emperor – Firstborn Gold Dragon
Angerbast – Firstborn Red Dragon
The guardian/advisor of Queen Innia (name unknown) – Firstborn White Dragon
Vlaziska – Firstborn Blood Dragon

Being a Firstborn Dragon gives you a template with the following abilities:

HP: all hp dice are d20
Movement: +1 better category flying, +3 current movement modes pr. age category
AC: +1 natural armor pr. age category
Spells: all 1-9 wiz and 1-7 spells available, unlimited casts daily, cast as free action
Epic Spells: cast 1 epic spell daily pr. age category
MR: +5% pr. age category
Saves: +1 all saves and ability checks pr. age category
SR: +5/all pr. age category
Attributes: +1 pr. 4 HD

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