When characters ascend into Demigods and Gods, new religions are born and their religious followers gain new powers as the characters grow stronger. When creating their new religions, the players can use this list to flesh out the new Priest Kits they create for their flock.

This list of Powers might be expanded later, and Demigod/God players might suggest their own Powers, which must be approved by the DM.

Low Powers (lvl 1-4)
Favoured Enemy (Ex)
+5% MR pr. lvl (Ex)
Permanent Read Magic (Sp)
+5% Spell Penetration (Su)
Dwarven Constitution Bonus on saves (Ex)
Evasion (Ex)
Smite Favoured enemy once a day (Su)
Infravision 60 feet (Ex)
Cure Light Wounds 3 times a day (Sp)
Lay on Hands once a day (Su)
Aqquire Mount (Ex)
Berserk (+3 hit/dmg/AC, +3 hp/lvl) (Ex)
Weapon of choice (+2 hit/dmg, +1 attack, +1 crit range) (Ex)
Cast a lvl 1 or 2 spell as free action once a day (Sp)
Alter Self once a day pr. lvl (Sp)
Pass without Trace once pr. 3 lvls (Sp)
Turn/Control Undead
One extra language pr. level
Permanent Detect/Determine (full round action) upon inspection, 10 feet range one one of the following: Disease, Posion, Evil, Gold
Detect Good, Evil or Magic 3 times a day
+2 on all saves vs a school or sphere
+1 NWP
+1 WP
Remove Fear 3 times a day, on twice level HD
Cast a lvl 1-2 wizard spell once a day
Specialize as warrior in Weapon of Choice (prerequisite: Weapon of Choice)
Hit advancement as warrior with Weapon of Choice (prerequiste: Weapon of Choice)
Ability bonus to Initiative

Medium Powers (lvl 5-8)
Spell Penetration vs Favoured Enemy (Ex)
Immune to Fear (Ex)
Permanent Detect Magic (Sp)
Evasion (Ex)
Ability Bonus to Initiative (Ex)
+1 on 1 ability (Ex)
Whirlwind Attack (full round action) (Ex)
+2 on all saves (Ex)
Combat Shout, standard action. Save vs spell or -2 hit/dmg/AC/saves on all enemies within 10m (Ex)
Seeming (self only) twice a day (Sp)
Power Attack (Ex)
Defiance of Restriction or Obstacle (travel at normal speed through one type of terrain)
Automatic save against one chosen lvl 1-9 spell
Reversed Lay on Hands once a day (deal 2 dmg pr lvl) (Su)
Cast a lvl 3-4 wizard spell once a day

High Powers (lvl 9-14)
Cast Holy smite 3 times a day (Sp)
Greater Spell Penetration vs Favoured Enemy (Ex)
Smite Evil 3 times a day (Su)
+5% Spell Penetration (Su)
Permanent Tongues (Su)
Permanent Comprehend Languages (Sp)
Bonus Feat
Bonus Metamagic Feat
Dwarven Con bonus to saves (Ex)
Immune to all illusions (Ex)
+1 on 2 abilities
Improved Evasion (prerequisite: Evasion) (Ex)
Smite Favoured Enemy 3 times a day
Rally Followers once a week, 1d100 follow you blindly into battle (Ex)
Inspire Mount (all numeric values of mount are dubled for one turn once a day) (Ex)
Radiate Fear as Adult Dragon at will (Su)
Cheat Fate, reroll one die once a day (Ex)
Polymorph Self twice a day (Sp)
Great Cleave (ie. you get Cleave as a bonus)
Charm (as Suggestion), single target, combat only, 3 times a day
Fascination (as Suggestion), affect double priest lvl in HD 3 times a day, out of combat only
Automaticalyl succeed all saves against a chosen Wizard School or Priest Sphere or all poisons.
Fear twice a day (Sp)
Druid Shapechanging 3 times a day
Cast a lvl 5-6 wizard spell once a day

Grand Powers (lvl 15-19)
Immune to Charm and Mind-affecting spells (Ex)
Bonus Metamagic Feat
Improved Evasion (prerequisite: Evasion) (Ex)
Permanent True seeing (Sp)
Raise Dead or Slay Living once a day (Sp)
Touch spells can be delivered by Weapon of Choice (upon a successful hit, you can choose to automatically unleash an available touch spell once a round) (prerequisite: Weapon of Choice) (Ex)
Ability bonus to hit
+4 on all checks of a certain ability
+10 DR/all
+10 Fast Healing
Cast a lvl 7-8 wizard spell once a day

Ultimate Powers (lvl 20)
Bane (all attacks vs Favoured Enemy act as Bane weapons) (Su)
Miracle once a day (Sp)
Aspect of Deity (a powerful ability your Deity has)
Shapechange twice a day (Sp)
Roar of Deity, incite Berserk in all friendlies within 500m
Blinding Speed (Epic Feat)
Cast a lvl 9 wizard spell once a day

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