There are 5 categories of Saving Throws (with the exception of Ability Checks/Saves, which are pretty straightforward):

Breath Weapon

At level 1, a character starts with 20 points to distribute between the 5 different categories. No more than 10 points can be placed on a single category.

At every odd level thereafter, a character gets 5 more points to distribute, and no more than 2 points can be distributed to a single category.

-If all points are distributed evenly, all saves have character level/2 (round up) +3 points.

-If a character decided to concentrate on some categories at the expense of others, the maximum number of points he can have in one category is level (round down to closest odd numbered level) + 9.

Standard NPCs and monsters all have level/2 (round up) +3 points on all saves, while special NPCs and monsters might have specialized their points somewhat.

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