Fighters are able to specialize in weapons up to 5 ranks, and Demigods and Gods are able to specialize further all the way up to 10 ranks. Here is the list of ranks and what benefits they grant:

I: Proficient, no penalties
II: +1 hit, +2 dmg
III: +2 hit, +1 dmg
IV: +1 crit range
V: +1 attack
VI: add one extra die to the weapon damage, a longsword would deal +1d8 dmg and a dagger +1d4
VII: add X1 to crit damage
VIII: +5 feet reach, or +50% range on missile weapons
IX: AoO on opponents who move out of squares you threaten and if you have specialized in a missile weapon, you also gain a 5 feet threat range (and you don’t need to step away from opponents to attack them with your missile weapon)
X: never fumble, and all natural 1s are rerolled

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