You can learn this skill by reading the book “The Land Beyond My Dreams” by Lester Dent.

For every trip spent in the Outer Rim or Dreamlands which lasts for at least 1 hour totally, you may sacrifice 5 Sanity Pool to increase the time between attention/Sanity/Mental Stability checks by 1 round. If at any point, you are able to survive in the Outer Rim or Dreamlands for at least 10 hours, you will no longer draw attention to yourself or need any more checks.

This ability, however, costs 50 Sanity Pool and 10 permanent Mental Stability and grants you +25 Mythos Score. You no longer need to search for the stairs down (it takes 5 rounds to travel to each flight of stairs, though) and you will be able to start creating your own sanctuary in the Dreamlands.

Creating this sanctuary takes 336 nights of sleep. After the sanctuary is complete, you can physically enter your sanctuary and spend time in the dreamlands for up to 10 hours every night.. Your body will disappear from the material plane and reappear at the point where you decide to emerge from your dream. Anything you place in your sanctuary will remain there until you decide to bring it out from the Dreamlands. Once you are able to travel physically to the Dreamlands, it takes10 rounds from you fall asleep to your body disappears from the material plane. Also, you need to bring a key to open the door to your santuary. The door can be anywhere an actual door exists on the material plane.

After spending 777 consecutive nights in your sanctuary, you can stay there indefinitely if you so choose. Your body will not age and you can live practically forever (unless some visitor to the Dramlands decides to try to kill you), but you will be unable to leave.

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