Dim Mak – the way of the death touch

weapon proficiency

Only Shaolin Monks can begin with Dim Mak at lvl 1, although other characters may learn it later if the either come into possession of a Dim Mak manual or the company of a Dim Mak practicioner.
2 slots on either Jiu Jutsu, Martial Arts or “1 of 8 styles”.
1 slot in anatomy (if you’re fighting humanoids, you need Anatomy Humanoids)

1 slot: Vitals Punch or kick (martial arts) and pressure point strikes (Jiu Jutsu) do the following:
50% dmg is temporary, KO % is doubled each hit.

2 slots: Vitals and pressure points do the following:
25% dmg is temporary, dmg increases by 2 each hit.
Regular damage:
50% temporary dmg.

3 slots: Requirement: 3 slots on MA, JJ or 1of8.
Vitals and pressure points do:
All dmg is real dmg. All KO % is doubled.
Regular dmg: 25% regular dmg. All KO % is doubled.

4 slots: Requires rank 2 of Zen + an ingame quest determined by the DM.
Vitals and pressure points: Dmg starts at 5 dmg instead of what the table says.
Regular dmg: All dmg is real dmg.

5 slots: Requires rank 3 of Zen + an ingame quest determined by the DM.
Any dmg: If KOd, save vs system shock or die.

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