Armorer/Armorsmith (int, DC 22)

Making armors and shields takes 1 week pr. AC (a shield takes 1 week to make, while a plate armor takes 7 weeks). Armors with unusually high AC, takes unusually long to make (dragon armors, for instance). Each week, you must make a successful skill check to see if your weeks labor and expenses was wasted or not. If successful, you may continue working. If unsuccessful, you must do the week’s work all over again. The cost of making armor every week is half the market value of the item divided by AC (a 600gp plate armor costs 300gp to make and has 7 AC. So every week, it costs 42 gold, 85 silver and 71 copper in materials)

Making masterwork armors (DC 27):
A masterwork armor costs 5 times more than normal armors. A masterwork plate mail would cost 1.500 gold to make (assuming no failed skill checks) and would sell for 3.000 gp.However, due to the excellent quality of such an item, the DC is increased by 5.

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