Fighter Class

Minimum requirements:
Must be orc
STR 14
DEX 12
INT 12
WIS 12

Armor allowed:
Leather + bracers

Proficient in any blade at level 1

Free specialization in Weapon of Choice at level 1 (2 slots)
(The specializations follows your personal weapon, regardlessly. So if your personal weapon change from longsword to Katana, your specializations also change from longsword to Katana.)

Weapon of choice


Can only fight with 1 weapon of choice (if you are 2-weapon fighting, only one of the weapons is your weapon of choice, even though both weapons might be identical)
NEVER retreat during combat

Weapon of choice:
Personal weapon bestowed upon the blademaster by the head of his order after the initiation to the blademaster kit. The weapon can be replaced later whenever the blademaster finds a better blade (his proficiences in the old sword are transferred to his new ones, although 2h style proficiency, 1 handed proficiency etc can not be reversed).
Attributes of personal weapon:
+1 thaco
+1 dmg
+1 attack pr. round
Severs a limb on natural 20

1 slot: Free parry or +1 dmg or hit 2 opponents on same strike
2 slots: Free parry or +2 dmg or hit 2 opponents on same strike
3 slots: Free parry or +3 dmg or hit 3 opponents on same strike

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