“You have done well, my friend.”
Artemis turns his head and looks straight into the eyes of Lucifer, who have just manifested in his own sanctuary at the top level of the tower.
“You have passed all my tests and have proven yourself worthy to become my champion. From now on, you will be known as Artemis the ………………. and you will carry my swords and armor until the day you die.”

Lucifer pauses and looks at Artemis’ reduced state.
“Sadly, there is nothing I can do to heal your wounds, since my body has left this place already. But open my cabinet over there and find the golden chalice with rubies. The drink it carries is potent in all ways, although I fear not as potent as it once was while I was still here. But please, drink it and let me know if it can still soothe your pain.”

Artemis finds the golden cup and drinks. And as the wine flows into him, he can feel two things happening. First, he is healed for 1d8+1 hp. Secondly, he must pass a constitution check DC 20. If he passes, nothing happens. If he doesn’t pass, he feels a bit tipsy and all future dice rolls have a -2 penalty for one hour. But Artemis is badly hurt and drinks yet again, being healed once more, but this time for 2d8+2 hp. This time he must pass a DC 24 con check. Failing to pass, gives a -4 penalty on dice rolls for 2 hours, cumulative with the -2 penalty from before. This means that if he fails twice, he will have a -6 penalty for the next hour and a -4 penalty for the two hours after that.

Depending on how hurt Artemis is, and how the drink affects him, he can drink again, if he wants. This time he would be healed for 3d8+3 and would have to pass a DC 28 con check, which would impose a cumulative -6 penalty for 3 hours. Failing all three means a -12 penalty for 1 hour (anything above -8 means passing out from drunkenness), a -10 penalty for another two hours after that (still being passes out from drunkenness) and finally a -6 penalty for three more hours.

It is possible to continue drink for as long as one is awake. Each sip restores 1d8+1 hp more, adds 4 to the con check, adds 2 to the penalty and adds 1 more cumulative hour of drunkenness.

Once Artemis has has drunk enough of the cup to satisfy his need for healing, Lucifer tells him to keep the chalice and use it wisely. and unlike other magic, the powers of this cup WILL function as normal inside an anti magic zone.

“But now let us talk about what awaits you,” Lucifer continues. “Before you lies The Book of the Keeper which holds the key to locating Atlantis – home of the Yin/Yang force that created all. Take this book, find the way to open it and decipher the text inside it. Find the path to Atlantis and bring news to the creator of what has transpired. He would know how to rectify this. Yes, he must. He is the creator, he would know these things.”

Then, Lucifer walks over to a small apparatus and points at a tiny vial in the middle of the apparatus. The vial is filled with a yellow substance and it is evident that a mechanism of sorts have corked the vial some time ago.
“Take that potion and bring it to the kingdom of King Silvereye. There, give it to Queen Daliah. It is a potion she asked me to brew for her some time ago. She told me it was urgent. I do not know what it does, since it it mixed from 9 other potions made by my brothers. They were all instructed by her how to make their potions and to never reveal what they do. So all I can tell you, it is that it is important that you bring this to Daliah.”

Lucifer opens a door, revealing a small chamber with a teleportation portal and beckons for Artemis to equip his new armor and weapons and bring his old gear with him into the circle.
“But now, let us rejoice with your friends, for Lucifer the Righteous has found his champion!”

Artemis and the vision of Lucifer is then teleported down to where Anthrax, Balthazar, Knarg, Senis, Ariel and Lestat are discussing what just traspired in the room with the cages and the acid pool.
“Greetings, friends,” smiles Lucifer. “Let us celebrate the birth of Artemis the …………………!”
He then takes a few moments to talk a bit with those who might have anything they would like to discuss or ask before he says the following:

“But now, I fear that I must leave you soon. My precious time here is coming to an end. But before I leave, I might give you all some final words of advice. However, in order to do that, you would have to open your minds to me. Let me feel what you feel, remember what you remember, experience what you have experienced. Some of your experiences are private, and most beings have secrets they do not wish to share. So if you want to pass on this opportunity, I will understand. But I can also not offer any advice to this group unless I know the true self of all present. I don’t want to give you false or wrong advice, so either everyone opens their minds to me or your path will continue to be cloaked.”

The group looks at each other. Advice? Cloaked path? Revealing ones true self? And while Lucifer pauses for a moment, everyone decides whether or not they want to allow Lucifer to roam free inside their souls……..

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