The Emperor of Den Gylne Keisers Rike (Empire of the Golden Emperor) is the fabled Haru, a secluded figure who is never seen publicly. He resides in his castle in the captial of the empire, Edo, where he receives those few lucky visitors who are able to be granted audience.

Rumors circulating throughout his empire include:
Haru founded the empire about 5000 years ago.
The Emperor died several centuries ago, and the empire is ruled by impostors and power-hungry servants.
There is no Emperor, only an empty shell of a golden armor.
Haru keeps a demon in his castle.

The first and last of those rumors are actually true. What a selected few individuals know, is that Haru is a Golden Firstborn Dragon who completed the Demigod Ascendant Trials and has progressed to a level 3 Demigod.

Haru, The Golden Emperor 24 HD Golden Firstborn Dragon, lvl 12 Dragon Ascendant, lvl 10 Demigod Ascendant, lvl 3 Demigod (Outsider)

STR 26
DEX 26
CON 26
INT 25
WIS 25
CHA 25

Alignment: Lawful Good
Code of Conduct

HD: 49 (13.630 hp)
Movement: 96, Flight 152 (b), Jp 78, Sw 96 (102)
#: 3 (ClawsX2 + Bite) or 3 (KatanaX3) or 3 (Martial Arts)
Hit: +56 (+68 Katana) (+76 Martial Arts)
Claw 1d10+19
Bite 6d6+19
Silvertipped 2H Holy Katana 2d10+35 (crit:15-20X3, +2d6 dmg + con check DC 43 or die instantly), 4d6+35 vs Large
Martial Arts Table+37
AC: 191 (145 natural AC)
Initiative: +19
DR: 23/epic, 5/all
SR: 63/all
MR: 324%
Spell Penetration: 30%
Breath Weapon: 24d12+12, Free Action every 1d4+4 rounds

Protection from normal missiles
Water breathing
Speak with animals
Immune to Fire and Gas
immune to polymorphing, petrification and other form altering attacks
Immune to energy/ability drain and ability damage
Immune to mind-affecting effects
Immune to non-magical weapons
Immune to surprise (zen power)
Can communicate with any intelligent creature
Comprehend and communicate in any language
Cast spells as lvl 48 magic user
Cast all 1-9 wizard spells and 1-7 priest spells unlimited times daily as Free Action
Cast 12 Epic spells daily
Awesome Aura 360 feet radius
Access to City of Union
Able to act after Dimension Door/teleport etc.
All attacks are Ghost Touch
Reroll one die pr. session, must keep 2nd result
Access to the Pantheon
Scroll: The Greatest Magic User Ever
Ignore Immunities of up to 9 HD/lvl creatures
Magic works in anti-magic zones
Sense everything within 100m of self or any follower
60% Detect Noise (zen power)

At Will: Teleport Without Error
Polymorph Self 3/day
Bless 3/day
Detect Lie 3/day
Animal Summoning 1/day
Luck Bonus 1/day
Quest 1/day
Detect Gems 3/day

Riding, Landbased
Natural Fighting
Danger sense
City Lore, Edo 1-4
Local history
Ancient History
Military History
Artistic Ability, Calligraphy
Zen Origami
Zen (60% DN, +3 initiative, Immune to surprise)
+15 more

Katana VI
2-Handed Style
Martial Arts XVIII
Long Bow II
Improved Toughness
Improved Initiative
Power Attack
Great Cleave
Improved Critical, Katana
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Penetration
Silent Spell
Maximize Spell
Weapon Focus, Katana
Weapon Specialization, Katana
Greater Weapon Focus, Katana
Greater Weapon Specialization, Katana
Superior Initiative
Epic Spell Penetration
Epic Weapon Focus, Katana
Epic Weapon Specialization, Katana
Overwhelming Critical, Katana
Devastating Critical, Katana
Dire Charge
Quicken Breath
Epic Wisdom X1
Epic Charisma X5
Epic Constitution X5
Epic Intelligence X1

Demigod Powers:
+100 natural AC
+100% MR
Current HPX10

Silvertipped 2H Holy Katana, +5
Gold Dragon Armor

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