The nine tinker gnome clans of Flimbgnort Mountains live in an underground city named Flimbgnort Hall. The main entrance is from the south, and it is guarded by the gnome Gnilbert who will call for assistance by gnomish golems if trouble should arise. Also, in order to gain access to the city, you must speak the secret password (which happens to be “Vote for Gnilbert”, although “Gnilbert for King” has also been known to suffice).

Inside the realtive safety of Flimbgnort Mountains, the tinker gnomes are faithfully researching and experimenting in order to advance their own engineering skills, and several of their inventions have also been proven to be quite useful, such as the Zeppelin Bomber.

1: The Arena
2: Main Square, with inns, shops, festival chambers etc.
3: Filibust clan, hunters and inventors
4: Tinstomper clan, fighters and fishermen
5: Cogboggle clan, guards and sheepherders
6: Tinkerdoodle clan, clerks
7: Clockstopper clan, priests
8: Tingobbler clan, miners
9: Tinkerstomper clan, gemcutters
10: Astrocutter clan, stonecarvers
11: Gemcourt clan, foodgatherers
12: Warehouses and storage area
13: Enclosures for underground domestic animals and creatures
14: The Great Abyss
15: Tower of Nicodemus, head scientist
16: Stairs to the top of the mountain for outdoor gatherers
17: Golem Construction Facility
18: Zeppeliner Hangar and a mechanical exit for access to the outside world
19: Passageway to Grimling Forest
20: Passageway to Deep Caves hunting area
21: Passageway to hillside and Lake Glimfesh
22: Passageway to underground river
23: Passageway to underground lake
24: Passageway to Grimling Forest
25: Deep Gnomes
26: Mines

Other Noteworthy Comments

The Great Abyss was discovered after the great explosion of 1207, and the gnomes decided to build a steel bridge across the chasm and seal it off with two great iron doors. From time to time, the gnomes send expeditions down the abyss to explore the lower depths of the Underdark below. It was during such an expedition their head scientist Nicodemus disappeared. But with help from an outside adventuring party, the gnomes were finally able to loacte him and bring him safely back home again. Not far from the entrance point to the Underdark lies also the mansion of the ancient vampire, Lord Zanzibar.

The tinker gnomes do not concern themselves with keeping a royal presence, instead their priests are in charge of maintaining diplomatic connections with the outside world (and other societies further down underground). The head of the earth priest order is Timmy Clockstopper.

Each clan of Flimbgnort Hall is about 2-300 gnomes strong.

Below Flimbgnort Hall, deep gnomes function as a barrier between the tinker gnomes and the more lethal underground inhabitants, such as Mind Flayers. These deep gnomes are always waging war against their non-gnome surroundings, and several of their war heroes have later ventured above ground to expand their understanding of the world. The most famous of these is probably the ranger/rogue Knarg, who befriended the necromancer Anthrax Picard and stayed his loyal companion even after the wizard turned into a Lich and several of his other companions mysteriously disappered one after the other.

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