Xango was a lonely hermit Troll Lord who lived on the western continent where the elves fled after the great war. When the elves were ready to return to the known world to wage war, the elven Hero Aladia, challenged and defeated Xango. After the battle, she enslaved him and forced him to join the elven invasion army. During the battle for Rome, a battle which ended the war between the humans and elves, Alaida was killed and the magic which controlled Xango broke. He was last seen smashing his way through the elven army before disappearing into the plains of the fallen Punicus Republic.

Strength: 23
Dexterity: 23
Constitution: 23
Intelligence: 5
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 4
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
AC: 32
Movement: 24
HD: 35 (740 hp)
#: 3 (Club/Club/Bite or Hand/Hand/Bite)
Hit: +39 (+43 with club)
Dmg: Hands deal 3d10+11, Bite deals 5d10+22, Club deals 5d10 dmg but no STR bonus
Special: Throw Stones (range 300 yards, 4d10 dmg), Swallow whole on natural 20, Hand/Club attacks act as whirlwind attacks, Hands do structural dmg as catapults, Trample 10d10 dmg on all in his path.
Special Defense: Regeneration 6/round
Magic Resistance: No
Size: colossal (90 feet tall)
Morale: Champion (16)

Black Dragon Hide armor (AC +10)
Ring of Fire Resistance
Ring of Protection, +6 AC, +1 saves
Eyes of the Eagle
Amulet of Acid Resistance
Bracers of Normal Missile Immunity
Cloak of Arachnida
Gauntlets of Evasion
Girdle of Initiative, +5

Flute of the Troll Lord:
Effect as Emotions spell, but this is an Extraordinary effect caused by Xango’s unmatched skill with the flute.

Club of the Troll Lord:
Colossal 2-handed club, 50 feet long, must have STR 23 and be Gargantuan size to wield, +4 to hit, 5d10 dmg with no STR bonus, deals impact damage (so Stoneskin will not help), save vs Petrify or be knocked to the ground if hit, all attacks act as whirlwind attacks

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