The father of trolls

Unique creature

Strength: 25
Dexterity: 25
Constitution: 25

Size: G (10m tall)
Hit Dice: 20+140 (300 hp)
AC: 20
Initiative Modifier: +11
Movement: 36 (his movement is not hampered in snow)
Hit: +26
# attacks: 3 or 1

Claw 1d10 + 14
Claw 1d10 + 14
Bite 3d10 + 14

Special Attacks:
Rush – up to 3 move actions in a straight line followed by a headbutt (minimum distance is 30m)

Headbutt – Headbutt is a full round action (but can be also executed if wendigo rushes you). Dmg 5d10+14, can only be used on huge or larger creatures.
Huge creatures save vs Rod/Staff/Wand or get knocked down. They also save vs Paralyze or become stunned for 1d10 rounds.
Gigantic creatures save vs Paralyze or become stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Sharp Claws – Wenigo’s claws will sever a limb on large or smaller creatures on a natural 20.

Impact – If hit by wendigo’s claws, you must save vs Rod/Staff/Wand or:
Small – knocked 6d6m away (1d6 additional dmg pr. 3m)
Medium – knocked 3d6m away (1d6 additional dmg pr. 3m)
Large – knocked 1d6 m away (1d6 additional dmg pr. 3m)
Huge – knockdown

Sweeping Strike – Wendigo can potentially target several creatures within his reach with his claw attacks:
1d8 small creatures or
1d6 medium creatures or
1d4 large creatures or
1 huge or larger creature

Special defenses:
Impervious to cold
Damage Reduction 3
– ALL wounds regenerate 3 hp EACH every round.
– non physical damage regenerates 1 hp pr. turn.
If Wendigo is ever killed, he will be reborn in 100 years as long as there are trolls left in the world.

Magic Resistance: 100%

Special Abilities:

Jump: Wendigo can jump from a standing position:
20m upwards, 60m forward, 10m backwards (move action)
With a 30m running start, the jumping distances are tripled

Safe fall: Wendigo can jump down 200m without taking damage. From 201-400m he takes half dmg (10d6 dmg). Beyond 401m, he takes full dmg (20d6 dmg).

Track: Wendigo can track prey by scent like a ranger, with 75% accuracy. He will always pursue an unfamiliar scent.

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