Unbeknownst to the citizens of Rome, the entire city is build above a bottomless abyss which also serves as the lair of The Insane Earthshaper, a gargantuan squidlike demigod lurking in the depths below. It’s main task is to guard the secret tower of the elven druid and dragon rider, Pharadil, who also founded the city not long after the Dragon Wars several thousand years ago.

The tower of Pharadil houses one of the twelve Palantirs, and it is strategically placed so that once removed from its pedestal, it will cause the entirety of Rome and its immediate surroundings to crumble and fall into the abyss below. In effect, it functions as a self-destruct mechanism, and an adventuring party which managed to make their way down into the tower during the Elven Invasion a couple of years ago almost decided to remove the Palantir and kill both the 1 million citizens of Rome along with the elven army of 1.6 million. Luckily, they decided upon another approach, and managed to put a stop to the war another way.

On their way to the tower of Pharadil, they had an encounter with The Insane Earthshaper. Luckily, they were able to chase it away long enough for them to enter the tower, even though it almost caught them by surprise as it came floating towards them in the darkness. After the battle, they decided to give the demigod their own nickname; Octopus Prime.

The Insane Earthshaper, Demigod (lvl 1 ) Outsider

HD: 50 (1020 hp + 100 hp pr. tentacle)
Movement: Fly 72 (flees back to lair at 504), Burrow (stone/earth) 36
Initiative: +0
AC: Body 55, Tentacles 50
Hit: +75
#: 9 (6 constricting tentacles, 2 grabbing tentacles, 1 mouth)
Dmg: Constricting tentacles 3d10+21+constrict+pin, Grabbing tentacles 2d10+21+bring to mouth, Mouth 5d10+21 (automatic hit on sizes large and down)
Size: Gargantuan, Body 50m long, tentacles 50m long
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Mouth can only attack Large and smaller creatures if a grabbing tentacle brings them there while Huge and larger creatures can be bitten normally.
Once in the mouth, you automatically take 5d10 dmg every round until you manage a DC 30 Tumbling roll or a DC 30 Escapology roll.
Large and smaller creatures are swallowed whole if a grabbing tentacle rolls a natural 20.
The stomach deals 2d10 crushing, 2d10 poison and 2d10 acid dmg every round, and is immune to physical attacks.
Acidic Black Cloud is normally used to cloak the Earthshaper’s escape (or entrance) and is a 240 feet high and wide and 360 feet long cloud of Poison/Acid. It sticks around for 1d4+1 rounds and deal 4d6+13 dmg every round. If caught in the cloud, the black inkish material will stick on you even if you move out of the cloud and will not vanish until the cloud disperses.
Each tentacle takes 100 dmg before it is destroyed. After 3 tentacles are gone, the Earthshaper will squirt and flee. It will also flee if brought down to less than 50% of its original HP.
Ignore immunities of creatures up to 9 HD/lvl
Its magic works in anti-magic zones
Impervious to Poison, Acid and Bludgeoning dmg
95% MS
50% HS
Permanent True Seeing
Can see as clearly as day in pitch black
Uses Sonar in areas where sight is prohibited
Greater Dispel Magic (as lvl 15 magic user) 3/day
Haste 3/day
See Invisibility 3/day
SR: Fire and Cold 11, All 1
DR: 21/+6, 1/all
MR: 100%
Fast Healing 20
Tentacles grow back at the rate of 1 every hour
Demigod Power: Immune to non-epic spells
Cannot die from old age, no negative effects from aging, cannot age magically

At Will:
Teleport Without Error
Cause Insanity (Ex) 3 times a day, save vs spell DC 33
Animate Rock 3/day
Conjure Earth Elemental 1/day
Stone Tell 1/day
Transmute Rock to Mud 3/day
Dispel Magic 3/day (as lvl 66 magic user)
Meld Into Stone 3/day
Stone Shape

Surviving an encounter, 50k
Defeating the Earthshaper, 151.020
Killing the Earthshaper, 1.001.020

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