Frost Drake and a Priest of Helm enjoying the scenery of the icy plains of Dragonia.

Frost Drakes are NOT dragons, but they are wingless dragonkin inhabiting the numbing cold of the land of eternal winter – Dragonia. At birth, they are 1 HD creatures and as they grow, they usually stop at 10 HD at about the age of 200 – 300 (unless they bond with priests or paladins of Helm, in which case they can potentially grow to be 20 HD creatures).

Starting Ability Scores:

Size: Huge (body length 5-15 feet, tail length 5-15 feet)
AC: 14
Movement: 24
HD: 1
Hit: +1
# attacks: 3 + special
Dmg: Claw 1d6/Claw 1d6/Bite 2d8
Morale: Elite (15-16)
Alignment: Varies
Intelligence: Low (5-7)

Special attacks:
Breath Weapon 2d6 cone of frost 70′ long, 5′ wide at base, 25′ wide at end. Non magical metal weapons save vs magical cold (DC 26) or crumble upon next impact.

Rear kick
1d8 dmg (can kick backwards with one leg (instead of bite attack), pushed 1d6 feet backwards, save vs petrification DC 20 or fall)

Tail Slap
2d6 dmg Can hit as many opponents as the Drake has HD (this is a full round action)

Special defenses:
Immune to cold

Sees invisible creatures within 5 feet radius pr. HD

Important note:
All Frost Drakes speak Drakhisk, the language of Dragonia. (This means that the people of Dargonia have learned to speak the language of the Frost Drakes, not the other way around.)

Ability Scores as the Drakes gain more HD:

AC: +1 pr. hit die
Hit: +1 pr. hit die
Claw 1d6+1 at 3HD, 1d6+2 at 5HD 1d6+3 at 7HD etc.
Claw 1d6+1 at 3HD, 1d6+2 at 5HD 1d6+3 at 7HD etc.
Bite 2d8+1 at 3HD, +2 at 5HD +3 at 7HD etc.

Special attacks:

Breath Weapon 2d6+1 at 3HD, +2 at 5HD +3 at 7HD etc.
Rear kick 1d8 dmg+1 at 3HD, +2 at 5HD +3 at 7HD etc.
Tail Slap 2d6 dmg+1 at 3HD, +2 at 5HD +3 at 7HD etc.

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