Size: Large
HP: 20d8+200 (290hp)
Initiative: +11
Speed: 15, Fly 24
AC: 35
Attack: +33
Weapons: +1 Vorpal Longsword & +1 Flaming whip
Reach: 10 feet (20 feet with whip)
Magic Resistance: 75%

If killed, the Balor explodes in a blinding flash of light, causing 100 dmg to all within 100 feet (save vs spell for half dmg).
The flaming whip will entangle its victims on a successful hit (opposed str check to escape, Balor has 25 str).
The Balor’s flaming body causes 6d6 fire dmg to those who grapple it or are entagled by the whip.
Damage reduction 15/ cold iron&good
Darkvision 60 feet
Immunity to Electricity, Fire and Poison
Resistance to Acid 10 & Cold 10
Telepathy 100 feet
True Seeing

Spellike abilities at will (caster level 20):
Dominate Monster (DC 27)
Greater Dispel Magic
Greater Teleport
Insanity (DC 25)
Power Word, Stun
Telekinesis (DC 23)
Once a day: Fire Storm (DC 26)

Special: Some people believe this demon to be identical to the Balor described in the ancient (although somewhat outdated today) document The Authorative Manual of Monsters, 2nd Edition. This misinformed notion might lead them to be extra weary of the demon’s personal weapons, as these has been believed to be quite deadly for anyone touching them. However, such superstition will only cause unnecessary paranoia, and bold adventurers are adviced to refrain from reading too much in books which are better left alone….

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