After Tyr sacrificed his hand to bind the Fenris Wolf, he could no longer use his signature weapon, his two handed spiked chain. Therefore, it was put away and forgotten until one of the ravens of Odin, Hugin, broke into Tyr’s home and stole it just before Ragnarok. Hugin later died at the hands of powerful adventurers, who claimed the relic as their own.

Spiked Chain of Tyr is a 2-handed signature weapon with 20 levels. Each level requires 100.000 xp.
The Chain also changes size and damage output according to the size of the wielder.

Wielder’s Size        Size of Chain        Base damage
Small                        Medium                 1d10 X2
Medium                  Large                       2d10 X2
Large                        Huge                       3d10 X2
Huge                        Gargantuan           4d10 X2
Gargantuan           Colossal                  5d10 X2
Colossal                  Colossal                  6d10 X2

Level    Abilities
1    Double attacks each swing (one hit roll, either both attacks hit or both miss) (Ex)
2    +1 hit/dmg/AC pr. even levels (Su)
3    Vampiric Life Stealing (Su)
4    +1 Crit Rating (Ex)
5    Level Drain (4 levels) (Su)
6    Chain of Free Action (Su)
7    Int bonus to hit (Ex)
8    Riposte, AoO after successful parries (Ex)
9    Critical hits lower targets Strength by 1 for 24 hours (Ex)
10    Crushing! (deals crushing damage instead of bludgeoning, therefore igoring stoneskin) (Ex)
11    +1 damage pr d10
12    +4 to confirm critical hits
13    +X1 crit damage (pr. ball, so a medium sized chain would deal (1d10 X2) X4 on a successful crit)
14    Able to critically hit undeads, dragons and constructs
15    Giantslayer! All giants take triple the amount of d10 damage
16    1 Free Parry against all attacks (Ex)
17    Hindering Strikes. Target’s hit and movement lowered by 1 pr. hit (Ex)
18    Outsiderbane! Outsiders take triple the amount of d10 damage
19    Remove target’s MR for 1 round on a natural 20 (Ex)
20    All hits deal maximum damage

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