Dragon Class

1 Spellprogression as Sorcerer/Priest, +1% MR/lvl
2 Smite Evil 1/day
3 DR 5/Evil
4 Magic DR 5/All
5 Aura of Courage (Immune to Fear-fear aura gives allies +save vs fear=lvl+cha mod)
6 Defender 1/day, 1 target
7 Cha mod to AC
8 Smite Evil 2/day
9 Sacred Shield (3/day-absorbs 10 dmg/lvl)
10 DR 10/Artifact, Evil
11 Magic DR 10/All
12 Defender 2/day, 2 targets
13 Wis Mod to AC
14 Smite Evil 3/day
15 Area Sacred Shield (30feet radius-can cast on others, mobile or immovable at choice)
16 DR 15/All
17 Defender 3/day, 3 targets
18 Int mod to AC
19 Total Defender
20 Magic DR 15/All

Defender: Sacrifice up to 1/lvl AC, transfer it to and divide it between chosen frendlies (duration 1r/lvl)
Total Defender: 1/day – Sacrifice up to 1/lvl AC and give it to all friendlies within 30feet radius, the AC is NOT divided – everyone gets as much as the dragon sacrifices (duration 1r/lvl)

XP progression as sorcerer+priest.

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