a kit for any class

Alignment: any good
Minimum requirements: 13 wis, 12 cha
Role: The ultimate hero, the stuff of legends, predetermined to die a heroic death


Never back down from a fair fight
Seek out the most powerful foe in combat
Never kill a foe who surrenders
Never again fight someone who has defeated you (as in surrender/face defeat)
Never accept a position of power
No followers
Never refuse a quest for the cause of good
Never “loot” a corpse or defeated foe, never pick up “treasure/magic items” (you may receieve gifts, this is not to be abused by the players)

Identify most challenging opponent (DC 20 wis)
Challenge to duel (DC 20 cha)
Surrender/face defeat (DC 20 cha)
Fight until hp reaches -x (x=lvl)
Once “dead”, foes will leave you to declare a dying prophecy
Heroic fight (lasts 1d4 rounds + 1 round pr. lvl, can be used x times pr lvl (x=lvl))
Con based saving throw bonuses as dwarf

Heroic fight:
Add 5hp pr. lvl
+1 to hit pr. lvl
+1 dmg pr. lvl
lvl 4: can hit creatures which require +1 to hit
lvl 6: +2
lvl 8: +3
lvl 10: +4
+1 AC pr. lvl
Immune to fear and mind based spells
+1 saves pr. lvl and spells with no saves gain a base save of DC 20 at lvl 1. DC improved by 1 pr. lvl.
1 extra action pr. round.
Magic resistance improved by 3% pr. lvl

Typical quests:
Save someone
Fight evil somewhere
Locate an item (& keep it or return it)

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