The first fire sorcerers evolved on Apokolips, a dark planet almost utterly destroyed by a planet wide war laying waste to all the old gods. The planet was later somewhat rebuilt from its ashes, but still colossal fire pits spew magma and flames into the atmosphere non stop. And it was to this hostile environment the first fire sorrerers adapted and started to grow in power, until they decided to seize control and rule the planet. Thus, the sorcerers of The Flaming Cabal reigned for several centuries until the arrival of Cyborg, who declared war on every single citizen of Apokolips and initiated what is referred to as the Automaton Holocaust.

Sorcerer kit

Cha 18
Con 16

Access to all wizard spells and all Fire priest spells. Spell progression as Sorcerer. Impervious to fire. Cannot cast any Cold spells. Vulnerability to Cold (takes double damage from Cold spells if a save is failed).

Level Abilities
1 +1 fire dmg/lvl on all spells
2 +1 DC on all fire spells pr. 2 lvls
3 +5% spell pentration on all fire spells pr 3 lvls
4 +1d6 fire dmg pr 4 lvls on all fire spells
5 +3 hit on fire touch attacks pr. 5 levels
6 Any energy dmg other than fire (except cold) can be changed to Fire once a day pr. 6 lvls
7 All fire touch spells are ranged touch with the following range: 5 feet pr. Fire Sorcerer level.
8 Will not be attacked by fire creatures unless you attack first.
9 Wild Shape to 16 HD Fire elemental (2nd edition) as move action 3 times a day (cannot cast spells while wild shaped unless you have the feats for it)
10 Fire Shield at will once a day pr. 10 lvls: Lasts 10 rounds, Deals same fire dmg as melee dmg taken.
11 Control Fireling (fire elemental kin native to Apokolips)
12 Hands of Fire (Su)
13 Summon Fireling once a day
14 Wild Shape to 24 HD 3.5 edition Fire elemental as move action 2 times a day.
15 Body of Fire (Su)
16 Total Fire Domination (Su)
17 Flame Jump (Su)
18 All original Fire spells are maximized (ie. not the ones where dmg is converted to Fire)
19 Fiery Signature (Su)
20 Wild Shape to 96 HD Primal fire elemental (epic handbook) as a move action once a day

Beyond lvl 20:
21+ No new abilities, but continue the progression of earlier abilities.

Hands of Fire (HoF):
Turn hands on fire as movement action. HoF can melt and dig through metal/stone/earth at the rate of 5 feet pr. round (5 feet cube). HoF can block weapons and strike through any armor is if it wasn’t there (ignores armor, but magical bonuses). Any non-magical weapon grabbed by HoF must save vs magical fire or melt. Magical weapons are not affected. HoF can also launch two 10d6 fireballs pr. round as a standard action.

Body of Fire (BoF): Turn body on fire as movement action. BoF is impervious to normal weapons and can melt and move through metal/stone/earth at half movement rate. Anyone trying to grapple BoF takes 6d6 dmg every round.

Total Fire Domination: Whenever someone casts a fire spell within 5 feet/lvl of the Fire Sorcerer, he can redirect the spell wherever he pleases or even let it fizzle away. He can also elect to give the spell his own personal class related bonuses. In addition, the sorcerer can extinguish any size fire within 5 feet/lvl (this includes killing fire elementals) at will.

Flame Jump: As part of a move action, jump into any size flame (from the flame of a matchstick to a raging inferno) and reappear beside any flame of your choice within sight and within 10 feet pr. level. Assuming you stand next to a flame, entering a flame and reappearing next to another one, counts as moving 10 feet. You are able to act later in the same round as you are Flame Jumping.

Fiery Signature: Choose one fire spell as your signature spell. This spell will be single target only if it isn’t already and ignore all spell resistance of your target, but will not affect those impervious/immune to fire or those who are not affected by spells at all. This spell can be cast no more than once every round.

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