Wizard Class

In the history of dragons, there has only been one Dragon Mage ever (a female drow named Mulgarda who bonded with the heart of Angerbast, a Firstborn Red Dragon, who had been slain by Raugh during the dragon wars) until recently, when the secret of the Dragon mages was discovered by the Wild Mage Fook Yui from Vest. He bonded with the heart of Remus (the twin dragon of Romulus), one of the earliest Gold Dragons. Upon reaching level 20 as a Dragon Mage, the two merged into Mokferuso. A bit later, Mokferuso met up with Angerbast and also learned about about a third Dragon Mage named Omenicus, who has bonded with the heart of Romulus. Together, Angerbast and Mokferuso awaits the day when Romulus is once again awakened….

Int 19 & must be Dragon Touched & Read Dragon language, be in possession of and able to read the dragonbooks (the dragonbooks are protected from divination spells), as well as being in possession of the petrified heart of a dead dragon.

Hp/Lvl: d4
Armour: All
Weapons: All
NWP & WP progression: As Wizard
XP progression: As Wizard

Spells pr. Lvl: As regular Wizard, but with the following addition:

1 Lvl 1 Dragon Spell
3 Lvl 2 Dragon Spell
5 Lvl 3 Dragon Spell
7 Lvl 4 Dragon Spell
9 Lvl 5 Dragon Spell
11 Lvl 6 Dragon Spell
13 Lvl 7 Dragon Spell
15 Lvl 8 Dragon Spell
17 Lvl 9 Dragon Spell

Dragon Spells:
A Dragon Spell is ANY spell from any source (including illegal ones), or even one you invent yourself (but it has to be approved by the DM), both wizard & priest. You pick a spell, and it sticks with you forever. If this spell has numerical variables, these are automatically maxed. These spells can only be cast once a day each.

Any armour & weapon can be used.

1 Magical Dragon Entity
2 Hatchling (and whatever powers the dragon has from birth)
3 Very Young
4 Young
5 Juvenile
6 Young Adult
7 Adult
8 Mature Adult
9 Old
10 Draconic Constitution
11 Very Old
12 Dragonheart
13 +1 int
14 Venerable
15 Magic Surge
16 Power of the Dragon
17 Wyrm
18 Call of the Dragon
19 Great Wyrm
20 Transformation

Magical Dragon Entity – what makes the Dragon Mage so powerful
No need for spellbooks. You memorize spells in your head. All spells have only Verbal Components.
You are filled with dragon energies, and can cast any spell you learn/memorize (including illegal ones).

Age Categories: Gain your Dragon’s age category based abilities (if it’s an old dragon, you do not gain abilities for very old dragons, etc)

Draconic Constitution: You continue to roll hit dice every time you level up, and constitution bonus is added

Dragonheart: The Dragon’s heart has now bound itself to your body and soul, and you now share the dragonheart ability (if you die and “your” heart is not removed, you will come to life next full moon). If you die and the dragonheart is removed, the dragon’s soul is forever lost.

Magic surge:
You can cast an additional 1d6 spells of any level one round a day, at the expense of being totally exhausted (as in stunned) for 1 turn.

Power of the Dragon:
Once a day, a chosen spell (choose before you cast) has all its numerical values doubled. (ie. a 100 yard range, 10 feet radius, 10d6 fireball becomes a 200 yard, 20 feet radius 20d6 fireball). This bonus stacks with the maxed bonus of Dragon Spells (ie. if Fireball is a chosen Dragon Spell, it would become a 120 dmg fireball)

Call of the Dragon:
Once a day, call forth a projection of your dragon with all of its abilites at 100%. It will serve you for one turn.

Transformation: You and your dragon fully merge. You both remember each other’s lives.

The Dragon’s Ego score is:
int+cha+experience level and if it is higher than yours (or gets higher if you are wounded), the dragon might end up taking control and claiming all experience for himself and keep the Dragon Mage supressed forever. This is especially proable when it comes to evil dragons or dragons whose alignment differs from the mage’s.

Category Human Form Dragon Form

Hit points Best Best
WPs Wizard Dragon
NWPs Both Both
Feats Both Both
Abilities Both Both
Class Abilities Both Both
Spells Both Both
AC Best Best
Saves Best Best
Magic Resistance Best Best
Magical Items Wizard and dragon share one set of magical items.
Physical Stats Wizard Dragon
Other Stats Best Best
Hit Best Best
Damage Wizard Dragon
Breath weapon No Yes

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