History: Not much is known about this amulet, but one of Jezra Wagner’s ancestors was a powerful cleric and the first one in the family to wear this extraordinary piece of jewelry. Later generations kept the amulet safeguarded, and its existence was largely forgotten until the day the dragon Spelunkor seized the Wagner family silver mine and killed all the workers and Jezra Wagner’s brother, Giorggio.

The young woman decided to avenge her brother’s death and brought the amulet to a witch who cast a powerful curse on it. The curse is tailored to activate the demon inside the amulet if Spelunkor ever wears it (further investigation has also shown that the curse is cloaked in such a way that Spelunkor will not be able to discover the curse). But Jezra died and both she and the amulet were lost for a long time until the young scoundrel Yareth Greenhill stumbled upon Jezra’s frozen remains.

Yareth used the powers of the amulet to put a stranglehold on the village of Dragonport until our heroes entered and chased him away (as well as confiscating the amulet).

Powers: Upon equipping the amulet, you gain a temporary +2 bonus to wisdom for as long as you are wearing it. In addition, you can cast the following spells at will (free action) as a lvl 20 magic user:

Magic Missile
Mirror Image
Cone of Cold

But these powers are minor compared to the ability to summon the demon inside the amulet (standard action). Once activated, the demon appears and will fight for you for 10 rounds.

Curse: Not as much a curse as it is a precaution, the amulet will activate itself if an undead equips it. Then the demon will appear and suck the undead into Hell. This precaution has now also been set for the dragon Spelunkor.

Unknown: There is something unknown about the amulet, an aspect which has not revealed itself after inspection by divination magic.

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