This artifact drains xp. It has 20 levels and each new level requires 100k xp.

Lvl 1
+5 long bow, unbreakable
Lvl 2 +100% range
Lvl 3 +1 attack
Lvl 4 +1 crit range
Lvl 5 X1 crit dmg
Lvl 6 +5 initiative
Lvl 7 wisdom bonus to hit
Lvl 8 Tracking as ranger of same lvl as bow
Lvl 9 +1d4 dmg on every arrow
Lvl 10 Standard Action: Hamstring arrow (Ex) (slows the target as the spell, but it is a physical effect)
Lvl 11 Double base movement
Lvl 12 Bypass 5 dmg reduction
Lvl 13 +6 vs evil
Lvl 14 Acts as Ring of Vampiric Regeneration
Lvl 15 +7 vs evil
Lvl 16 Acts as Mace of Disruption
Lvl 17 +8 vs evil
Lvl 18 Once a day: Shoot a Net of Entrapment (p. 244 DMG)
Lvl 19 +9 vs evil
Lvl 20 intelligence bonus to hit

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