Illegal Artifact


Opens up a portal to any location on any plane any place in time. Operating it requires a DC 20 int check (increased by 5 for every use, regarless of who uses it). If you fail a check, the comass is forever destroyed and you risk being stuck at your current location/time.

As long as the compass is in your possession (and is intact), you do not physically age. In addition, possessing a working Silver Comass grants you the following:
+3 Int
+25% MR
True Seeing
+3 Wis
+4 Initiative
Epic Spell Reflection

The Silver Compass also has 100 charges which can be used for the following spells:
Wish – no negative effects
Resurrection – no negative effects

Once all 100 charges are spent, the compass is forever destroyed.

However, every time the compass is used to trigger a Wish or Resurrection spell, there is a 1% cumulative chance that an Agent of Time will appear to reclaim the compass. The Silver Compass is an illegal artifact which came into the hands of Lady Luck Casino, and the Agents of Time have been searching for it for a while now. They are trying to pinpoint its location and every use of it’s Wish and Resurrection powers help them track it down. It is adviced to hand over the compass if an Agent of Time demands for it to be handed over.

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