In the cave where a colossal Dinosaur Dragon was trapped, adventurers stumled upon a corpse of a catlike humanoid clad in a mithril armor. And even though both the surrounding area and the skeletal remains had been severely damaged by acid, the mithril armor and two-handed scimitar was unscatched. After examining the items, it was determined that this set were artifacts designed by no other than the mysterious tiny people on the strange world.

The Ranger Companion is a four-piece set which provide added bonus if all all worn together, and even additional bonuses if the wearer is a Ranger.

Mithril Chain Armor:
AC +7
+50% HS
Supernatural Enchantments:
+10 AC
Immune to Fatigue and Exhaustion
No need for food or drink
No need for sleep

Mithril Boots:
AC +2
+50% MS
Supernatural Enchantments:
Walk Without Trace
Double Base Movement
MS & Tracking (if you know Tracking) with no movement penalty
Can leap forward 1m pr. lvl and upward 1/2m pr. lvl as a full round action

Mithril Gauntlets:
AC +2
Supernatural Enchantments:
+10 hit on melee attacks
+3 dexterity (not beyond 25)
Immune to Disarm

Two-handed Mithril Scimitar:
Base dmg: 1d20 vs all sizes
Base Crit: 18-20, X3
Supernatural Enchantments:
+10 hit/dmg
Keen (crits on 15-18)

Additional bonuses if you wear all 4 pieces:
(Su) Half damage from any physical damage, except falls
(Su) +1 Str & Con (can go above 25)
(Su) +10 Fast Healing (this fast healing also works on the strange world)
(Su) Free Fall, no fall damage can exceed 5d6 (this damage cannot be lowered in any way, not by DR, not by anything)

Even additional bonuses if you are a Ranger AND wear all 4 pieces:
(Su) Scimitar becomes +20 hit/dmg instead of +10 against favoured enemies
(Su) Chain Armor becomes +20 AC instead of +10 against favoured enemies
(Su) Gauntlets become +20 hit instead of +10 against favoured enemies
(Su) Boots allow you to Evade (DC 20) one physical attack pr. round against favoured enemies (any physical melee/ranged attack, including extraordinary abilities, but not supernatural or spell-like abilities)

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