Luckily for the adventurers who found his corpse, the young wizard had not covered himself in this artifact at the time of his death. Had he done so, they would never have been able to find him and steal all his belongings in their usual adventurous way. The origin of this cloak is unknown to most, but a few people of the home world of the young wizard knows how it came into existence.

The Invisibility Cloak is usable by anyone.

*Grants 95% MS/HS under all and any circumstances, as long as you cover yourself entirely in it (move action).
Grants Hide in Plain Sight.
While hidden under the Cloak, you are immune to ANY detection (apart from those who can ignore your immunities, which Demigods and Gods are known to do).
Provides +10 AC

*Once covered under the cloak, you will stay undetectable as long as you don’t perform actions such as casting spells or attacking someone. Opening doors, climbing up walls, jumping over obstacles etc. are perfectly ok.

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