Located amongst the belongings of a young wizard who was slain and partly eaten in the strange world, was an artifact in the shape of a silver coin.

The Fortunate Coin generates 1 gold coin every day while in your possession. These gold coins are worth 1.000 gold each, and can be used to pay for anything. However, you will never receive any change, no matter how little your purchases cost.

If you willingly give the Coin away, your CHARISMA increases by 1 (also above 25), but you can never again own The Fortunate Coin.

While in your possession, the Coin grants you gambling, haggling and appraise NWPs.

Also, no one will ever try to pickpocket you while you have the Coin on your person.

The last power of the Coin, is the ability to flip the Coin instead of rolling a d20 once pr. round. If the result is heads, your roll is a natural 20. If the result is tails, your roll is a natural 1. There is no need for your character to actually flip the coin (this is done by the player), so you don’t need to have it in your hand. But it must be in your possession.

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