Artifacts – twin swords with a grip shaped as lion heads.

Can only be wielded by a lawful good warrior.
Anyone else trying to touch them must save vs Breath Weapon or have their hand(s) cut off.
Must also have 2 weapon style to grab/catch/wield them.

+5 weapons
+10 vs outsiders
Permanent True Seeing
Raise Dead Animal at will
Animals will never attack you
Save vs death or die if striking an animal
+10 AC
+50% MR
Speak with Animals (pr 2) at will
Animal Lore nwp
Animal Handling nwp
Animal Friendship (pr 1) once a day
Animal Growth (pr 5) three times a day
Animal Summoning I three times a day
Animal Summoning II twice a day
Animal Summoning III once a day
Cure Light Wounds at will
Cure Serious Wounds three times a day
Cure Critical Wounds twice a day
Heal once a day

Save vs Artifact transformation every full moon or turn into a special kind of werelion.

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