The Sword of the Undead was forged by the demigod Acererak (rank 10 Demi-Lich, lvl 40 Lich, lvl 7 demigod) as his signature weapon, but was left behind in his tomb after he decided to leave the Prime Material Plane behind and travel elsewhere in search of knowledge and power. As a young adventurer, Prince Crow managed to enter Acererak’s Tomb of Horror and found several artifacts which he claimed for his own (as most adventurers do). Sadly for Crow, it might have been best to let the items rest, since he transformed into a Lich not long after picking up the sword. The rest is (ancient) history.

Relic with 20 levels
+5 longsword for everyone except undeads
This relic needs 100.000 xp pr. level

Lvl Ability

1 Artifact Transformation, Undead Bonuses
2 Paralyzing Touch
3 Immune to Critical Hits and effects requiring con saves
4 Negative Energy Attack
5 Level Drain
6 Dispel Magic on every successful crit (as sword lvl+10 magic user)
7 SR +20/all
8 +50% MR
9 Sword of Free Action
10 Vorpal (cuts off head at 18-20)
11 Double Base Movement
12 Harm at will
13 +25% spell penetration
14 +20 effective caster levels
15 Immune to all magical and supernatural effects
16 Trap the Soul
17 Hindering Strikes
18 Permanent True Seeing
19 Touch attack spells will critically strike on a natural 20 (also if the target is immune to critical hits)
20 Undead Treaty

Artifact Transformation: If you are not an undead, save vs Artifact Transformation (save vs Polymorph DC 20) or be turned into a special Lich of same lvl as the sword (a new save is required every time you kill someone with it, ie. you deal the finishing blow, in addition to a new save every week the sword is in your possession. Every time a new save is made, the DC increases by 1). This effect bypasses any MR and immunities. The powers of the sword only function for Undead.

Special Lich
+5 hp pr. sword lvl
Aura of Evil, 5 feet range pr. sword lvl, save vs spell (DC 10+sword lvl) or flee in terror for sword lvl rounds.
Immune to normal weapons
Immune to charm, sleep, enfeeblement, polymorph, cold, electricity, insanity and death spells.
+10 natural AC
The sword will also act as your phylacteryl and you will reappear in 1 day pr. sword lvl if slain. If someone picks up the sword while you are inside the phylacteryl, no transformation will take place and the powers of the sword are dormant.

Undead Bonuses (Su):
+1 hit/dmg/AC/saves/initiative pr. sword lvl if you are undead (these bonuses are sword bonuses, so at sword lvl 20, the sword is a +20 sword which also gives +20 on AC/saves/initiative)

Paralyzing Touch (Su):
Standard action, touch attack
Save vs con (DC 20 + cha mod + sword lvl) or fall to the ground, seemingly dead.

Negative Energy Attack (Su):

Standard action, touch attack
sword lvld6 + sword lvl negative energy dmg

Level Drain (Su):
The sword will drain 1 lvl pr. 5 sword levels upon each successful hit.

Trap the Soul (Su):

The sword will attempt to trap the soul on each successful crit (save vs con DC=sword lvl). The sword can store a number of souls equal to half its level (round down), and the souls will be stored for 48 hours before they perish. The only way to release such a soul is to find a way to destroy the sword before time runs out.

Hindering Strikes (Ex):
The target’s hit and movement rating is reduced by 1 pr. successful hit.

Undead Treaty (Ex):

If an Undead tries to strike you, all its attacks will miss. All its spells and abilities will fail against you. Likewise, all your attacks and spells and abilities against other Undeads will fail. This is resticted to offensive actions. If you try to heal an Undead by casting Harm, it will succeed. There is no way around this.

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