Shortly after breaking free from Cloudhaven, Sauron travelled to Midgard and built a fortress near the active volcano Orodruin (some may also be intrigued to know that his fortress was built upon a Gateway of Shadows). After learning about the existence of a sword which could potentially annihilate him, he decided to take preventive measures and transferred his life force and powers into a ring he crafted and named The One Ring. Then, he also crafted 19 other rings, which were given to his closest allies and rulers of kingdoms, all of whom swore allegiance to Sauron and his forthcoming world against the rest of the world.

Known ringbearers are:

Anthrax, the mouth of Sauron. Sauron’s closest ally and the one in charge of diplomatic relations.
King Crow, the lich king of Black Crow Kingdom
The Queen of Satania
King Esteve of Isobar
King Blackrose, death knight king of Blackrose Kingdom
Abraham van Helsing
The Queen of Lunar Forest
The King of Taurus
The King of the Hammer Clans
The Drow Queen
The Ogre King

Every Ring of Power bestows its wearer with the following powers:
+1 hit pr. odd numbered lvl
+2% MR pr. lvl
+1 DR/all pr. 5 lvls, starting at lvl 5
+1 SR/all pr. 3 lvls, starting at lvl 3
+1 AC pr. even numbered lvl
+1 initiative pr. 4 lvls, starting at lvl 4
Acts as Ring of Human Influence (cha 25)
Acts as Rod of Rulership (1d10X100 HD)
Acts as Rod of Splendor (cha 25)

In addition, the rings react differently to each wearer, depending on their race. Monstrous races do not gain additional powers, but humans, dwarves and elves do (creatures with templates such as death knights, liches and lychantropes are treated as their original race):

The Human Rings:
true seeing
see into plane of shadow
enter/leave plane of shadow (move action)
being dominated by Sauron and turned into a Nazghul
Ring of Jumping
+3 str, int, wis while wearing
+1 standard action

The Dwarven Rings:
true seeing
see into plane of shadow
enter/leave plane of shadow (move action)
Wand of Earth and Stone
Wand of Enemy Detection
Wand of Metal and Mineral Detection
+3 con, int, wis while wearing

The Elven Rings:
true seeing
see into plane of shadow
enter/leave plane of shadow (move action)
Ring is invisible when worn, can only be seen by True Seeing
Staff of Curing
Ring of Regeneration
Ring of Sustenance
Resurrection once a day
Staff of Curing
+3 dex, int, wis while wearing

As one can notice, the humans are known as a weak race. Thus, humans wearing a Ring of Power are subject to being dominated by Sauron at any time, in addition to slowly being transformed into loyal servants known as the Nazghul. When being transformed into a Nazghul, you’re gradually being turned into a creature of the Plane of Shadow. There are 10 levels of transformation, each pushing you further into the Plane of Shadows and making you harder to hit:

1 5% miss chance
2 10% miss chance
3 15% miss chance
4 20% miss chance
5 25% miss chance
6 30% miss chance
7 35% miss chance
8 40% miss chance
9 45% miss chance
10 50% miss chance

The Rings and Sauron’s Transformation:

Save vs Transformation every year. Save vs Wisdom DC 10. The DC increases by one pr. successful save and is reset for every failed save. The Base DC is also increased by 1 pr. Nazghul lvl you are. When the 10 levels of transformation are complete, you’re turned into a Nazghul and the ring is absorbed into you. To be able to get rid of the ring before this happens, you must not wear it for a whole year.

Anyone wearing a Ring of Power gets profoundly attached to it, and will be extremely reluctant to give it up. Removing a ring demands a successful save vs Wisdom DC 35. Only one try pr. month. Every month you’re not wearing it, you must save vs wisdom not to equip it again. After a whole year of not wearing a Ring of Power, it no longer has any hold over you and you are free to do with it as you please. The DCs are as follows:

1 month not wearing it: 33
2 months not wearing it: 31
3 months not wearing it: 29
4 months not wearing it: 27
5 months not wearing it: 25
6 months not wearing it: 23
7 months not wearing it: 21
8 months not wearing it: 19
9 months not wearing it: 17
10 months not wearing it: 15
11 months not wearing it: 13
12 months not wearing it: 11

And The One Ring? No one really knows what powers it contains. And Sauron isn’t telling. So I guess one will just have to wait and see…

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