In order to operate the Mother Box, you need a successful Engineering check (DC 35) and a successful Magical Engineering check (DC 35). This check is required every time you try to use it.

The Mother box is powered by the Mysterious Element X.


Telepathical Communication with anyone on same plane (the checks are required every round you want to maintain the telepathical link)
Summon Boom Tube – The Boom tube can do the following: Dimension Door, Mass teleport without error, Mass Planeshift, Open portals to the following places: Apokolips and New Genesis
Transformation: The Mother box can be transformed into a sword and back.

Statistics on the sword:

+10 2-handed Scimitar (2d8 base dmg) of Construct Dread
+20 vs constructs
+4d6 dmg vs constructs
constructs must save vs death DC 27 upon a critical hit or be instantly destroyed and turned into dust

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