This artifact was used by the viking chieftain Ask Skallagrimsson during The Dragon Wars, but disappeared after a battle where Skallagrimsson was slain by a colossal white dragon. It has recently found its way into the hands of some adventurers who have been suspicously furtunate at the fabled Lady Luck Casino in City of Union.

This shield drains xp. It has 20 levels and each new level requires 100k xp.

Lvl Ability
1 +5 AC&saves, +15% MR
2 Gain one parry chance against all physical attacks up to any size
3 SR +10/all
4 +5 initiative
5 Cha bonus to saves
6 Evasion
7 Absorbs all Magic Missile spells targetted at wielder
8 Missile attraction: All missiles (including magic missile spell) targeting someone within 10 feet, will hit shield instead. Wielder cannot be hit by any type of missile.
9 Shield of Free Action
10 Shield of True Seeing
11 Improved Evasion
12 Heal and Harm at will, once a day each
13 Shield of Reflection: Reflects 3 chosen single target spells a day (assuming they get through the wielder’s MR first)
14 DR +10/all
15 Immune to Critical Hits
16 Immune to Gaze Attacks
17 No hostile magic can be cast within 10 feet radius, 50% chance to dispel all hostile magic entering the radius from outside (ie. if someone casts a spell at you, but not if you enter an area where the hostile magic exists already)
18 Prismatic Spray at will, 3 times a day (as lvl 18 magic user)
19 Frost Shield (deals cold dmg to attacker if damaged in melee, same dmg dealt as dmg taken)
20 Limited Wish at will once a day

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