The Avatars of Hugin and Munin always keep their items in a Bag of Holding which is kept in a pocket dimension. By uttering the right command words, they are able to summon and dismiss the bag. The artifacts inside the bags are a raven-like mask and a pair of identical daggers for each.

At will: Invisibility, Inaudibility, act as if Hasted 5 rounds a day (no aging)
Constant: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Speak with birds
Move Action: Shapeshift into raven 3 times a day, Arms grow into wings (fly speed 24) 3 times a day
Standard Action: Stoneskin 3 times a day (as lvl 20 spellcaster), Blink 3 times a day, Blur 3 times a day, Withdraw 3 times a day, Mirror Image 3 times a day, Truestrike 3 times a day, Hold Person 3 times a day
Artifact Transformation: Roll vs Polymorph every day or be forced to steal something which you keep in a secret/safe/hidden location. All things you steal must be shiny. You get +50% PP when you try to steal something this way.

(4 daggers, looks like extremely long scalpels)
Cannot be used to parry
Count as Epic when it comes to overcoming damage reduction
1d4 dmg, no damage bonus, no STR bonus to dmg, never crits, but never miss (except on a natural 1, but no fumble)
Grants the following NWPs: Anatomy, Healing, Diagnostics, Surgeon
Artifact Transformation: Roll vs Polymorph every week or kill an innocent victim by using your Surgeon NWP

The rest only applies to Rogues:
If used to Backstab, you get 2 Backstab attacks, each dealing 1d4 dmg+backstab mod (assuming you use 2 daggers)
Anyone trying to parry the daggers will fail
Cuts through stoneskin
Each dagger deals one extra attack every round.
Coup de Grace (Ex): If an opponent is unaware of your presence, you can make a full round action Coup de Grace (dex check, DC 28 + opponent’s level). If you succeed, the opponent is forced to make a con check (DC 10 + your level) or die instantly. Your attack is assumed to hit automatically, unless you fail the Coup de Grace check.. If you fail the check, you plunge yourself towards your opponent and miss completely, granting him an automatic AoO. If your check succeeds, but your opponent succeeds his con check, your attack will deal zero dmg, but the opponent will feel the blade missing a vital area, knowing instantly he was an inch away from death! Creatures/people immune to critical hits and even undead are not immune to this effect.
Nimble (Ex): every time an opponent misses you, you are allowed a free AoO.
Each hit does one of the following (choose yourself before you roll):
+1 bleed pr. round for 10 round (Ex)
-1 AC for 10 rounds (Ex)
-1 movement for 10 rounds (Ex)
-1 hit for 10 rounds (Ex)
Silence for 1 round (Ex)
Slow for 1 round (Ex)
Cause a wound which cannot be magically healed (Su)
Cause a wound which cannot heal by normal means (Su)

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