There are 9 Hydra Amulets in all.

Each Amulet has 9 different settings, all of which are tremendously powerful. To change the setting of an amulet, you need to decide upon which new setting you want, and get 8 hours of nightly uninterrupted sleep. Failure to do so, will result in the amulet keeping it’s original setting.

The 9 settings are as follows:

1- Amulet of Hiding:
Non-thieves get 95% HS&MS
Thieves get +50% HS&MS + Hide in Plain Sight (dex check)

2- Amulet of Striking:
Automatic hit on the first strike on every opponent

3- Amulet of Initiative:

Always win initiative (weapons of speed strike before initiative, so they strike before the wearer of the amulet)

4- Amulet of Influence:
Effectively Charisma 20 on all encounter checks
Suggestion at will
Charm Person/Monster at will (up to 21 lvls/HD total of simultanously charmed creatures)
Diplomacy NWP
Fast-Talking NWP

5- Amulet of Avoidance:
Protection from Normal missiles
+2 AC
Evasion Feat
Deflect first successful strike from each opponent

6- Amulet of Disguise:
Disguise NWP
Acting NWP
Alter Self at will

7- Amulet of Reading:
Reading/Writing NWP
Forgery NWP
Comprehend Languages
Read Magic
Artistic Ability, Writing NWP
Mathematics NWP
Cryptography NWP

8- Amulet of Wizardry:
No Noticeable Effect NWP
Somatic Concealment NWP
Spellcraft NWP
Subtle Casting NWP
Cast the following spells at will:
-Detect Magic
-Unseen Servant
-Locate Object
-Wizard Lock
-Water Breathing

9- Amulet of Power:
Power Attack
Improved Critical (any weapon)

Note: Regarding all NWPs. If you have these already, you’ll now have another slot, granting a +4 bonus on all checks (unless specified elsewhere what more slots yield).

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