The Eye of Loke is the signature item of Loke, one of the gods who died during Ragnarok on a distant world. To use it, you must remove your own eye first. If the Eye is ever lost, no new eye will ever grow back where your old one once was.

The Eye of Loke grants you intelligence 30, as well as Fast-talking and Diplomacy nwp. You are also immune to any lie detection, including detection powers of Gods (unless they can bypass your immunities).

The Eye starts at level 1, and requires 100.000 xp pr. level until it reaches level 20.

1. Eye of Animal Friendship
2. Eye of Human Influence
3. Eye of Elemental Command
4. Permanent Mind Blank
5. +5% psionic resistance
6. Immune to Gaze attacks
7. Eye of Free Action
8. Disintegration at will
9. Charm Gaze at will
10. Permanent True Seeing

Note: The Eye will not level up beyond level 10 unless the wearer is Chaotic.

11. Eye of Life Protection
12. Domination at will
13. Reflect 1 single target spell daily
14. Permanent Vocalize
15. Penetrate any darkness
16. Cast True Strike (standard action) unlimited times daily
17. Eye of Rulership (1d10X100 HD)
18. +3 INT/WIS/CHA (can exceed 25)
19. Your touch spells have +30 feet range
20. Medusa Gaze (su)

Medusa Gaze:
Gaze attack
Standard Action
MR & saves of target are halved

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