Chapter One: The Birth of Dragons
Author: Zarovich

The birth of dragons, as told by the mighty Zarovich, father of the Blood Dragon line. Silvereye and Daliah mated once, and she laid an egg. The egg was of all colours of the rainbow, hard as the toughest stone and the size of a small human child. It reflected all light in its colourful shine, and it was placed on a pedestal in Silvereye’s palace until it hatched.

The incubation period was short, only a couple of months, and out from the egg crawled a tiny dragon, milky white and shiny. The proud father named it Angelo, mistakenly assuming it was male. But the dragon was neither male nor female, it was a hermaphrodite and would impregante itself soon enough.

Angelo grew fast – in fact, he doubled in mass every day and ate accordingly. This caused Silvereye some concern and he tried to investigate the matter after having to keep Angelo in an enclosed valley near the palace. He was only 8 days old now, but already the size of the dreaded Tarasque. But Silvereye’s investigation took some time, and by the time he had learned what Angelo actually was, his precious baby was 15 days old and the size of the gigantic gnomish zeppeliners (those who are 128 m long) and had already taken to his wings and flown away.

Angelo was an abomination, a destroyer of worlds, perhaps the bane of the universe. He would never stop growing, never stop eating and he would consume the whole world and then go after the other planets and stars until there was nothing left. Only then would he die from starvation.

But Silvereye was one of the Immortals and Daliah was the Goddess of Fertility. And confident in their own powers, they set after Angelo to try to stop him, confine him, and if necessary – kill him. But they were always one step behind him. When Angelo was 21 days old, he had the mass of a cube 100m long in all directions – 1 million cubic metres of hungry dragon! A day later, he was as huge as the largest of pyramids.

One month (28 days) after his birth, his mass was equal the that of the great wall separating Den Gule Keisers Rike from the desert. Two days later, he had the mass of an 8km long, 3 km wide lake. And he kept on eating and killing and destroying. 33 days old, he was one cubic mile and Silvereye feared that they might not be able to stop him.

But 51 days after his birth, they caught up with him in the south eastern region of Solriket. He was now 11 kilometres long and the battle ensued. They fought for three whole days, but finally managed to defeat Angelo. By the time he died, he was the size of a gigantic mountain range and over the years he actually turned into solid stone, with his two horns on his head making the highest mountain top in the whole world, The Twin Spires (approx. 15.000 m high).

After killing Angelo, Silvereye discovered that he had impregnated himself with 5 eggs. One fiery, burning hot egg. One earthly stone egg. One light egg floating in mid air. One blue, transluscent egg. And one metallic egg. Silvereye grabbed these eggs and returned home, eager to discover what these eggs might produce.

Once the eggs hatched, magic was born!
Ilmater, the keeper of Fire.
Leira, the keeper of Earth
Tymora, the keeper of Earth
Auril, the keeper of Water
Tyr, the keeper of Metal

And these dragons mated and created what we today know as the true dragons. But little did anyone know about the egg that was left undiscovered inside Angelo’s body. Little did anyone know about the egg that was covered in blood and had been mistaken for a bloody pulp. Little did anyone know about the first Blood Dragon Zarovich!!!

Chapter Two: Dragons and Knowledge Dragons
Author: Zarovich

This chapter deals with Zarovich writing down almost any general knowledge there is to be found regarding all kinds of dragons. After reading the whole book, you will gain knowledge dragons, which includes: Monster trivia: Dragons. Animal handling: Dragons, Riding: Dragons, Skinning: Dragons, Dragon lore, Feat: Dragoncrafter (in order to make dragoncraft weapons and armors, you still need to be have armorsmith or weaponsmith proficiency)

Chapter Three: Blood Dragons
Author: Zarovich

Blood Dragons

Intelligence: Genious (17-18)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Movement: 24, Fl 40 (B) Jp 3, Sw 18
Hit Dice: 10 (80hp) at birth, + 8hp/1HD each lvl up to max 34 HD (272hp) at lvl 24
Thaco: +14 at birth, +1 pr. lvl up to max +38 at lvl 24
No. of attacks: 3 + special
Damage/Attack: 2d10/2d10/4d12
Special Attacks: Variable
Special Defenses: Variable
Morale: Fanatic (17-18)

Combat: Favoured spells and tactics. A blood dragon’s blood is hot and acidic and will burn away flesh, items, wood, stone, metal etc. Each time you inflict physical damage on a blood dragon, there will be blood splatter 1d4:
1) Weapon is covered in blood. Save vs magical fire and acid.
2) Sword arm is covered in blood. Save vs magical fire and acid.
3-4) Nearby ground etc is hit by blood splatter. Save vs magical fire and acid if necessary.
If you make both saves, the squirt was too small to inflict any dmg.
If you make one save, you take 1d6 of the appropriate dmg for 1d4 rounds. (magical items will lose one +1 bonus pr. 2 rounds of dmg)
If you don’t make any saves, you take 1d6 fire dmg & 1d6 acid damage for 6 rounds. At the end of round 4, weapon/arm is gone.
This can be prevented by washing the blood away with holy water. For each 2 rounds of double damage taken on arm, all future thaco/dmg is reduced by 1 until the arm is restored to its former self by means of a heal spell or regeneration spell or wish/limited wish spell.

The Blood Dragons gain levels as normal characters up to level 24 (xp progression as fighter). The first 12 levels are Blood Scaled Fury levels, and the last 12 are Dragon Ascendant levels. At level 12 Blood Scaled Fury, the dragon needs a hoard of at least 500k gp value, and the entire hoard must be consumed in order to start the process of becoming a dragon ascendant (ie. start as lvl 1 dragon ascendant). And the dragon must reach lvl 12 dragon ascendant before his lifespan ends in order to gain dragon immortality.

Blood Dragons, unlike other dragons, have a short lifespan: 80+1d20 years. But they also grow in power quickly:

Blood Dragon Table:

Combat Fear Fear Save
Modifier Radius Modifier
0-1 year +1 10 yards +7 (+11)
Very Young:
2-5 years +2 20 yards +6 (+10)
6-10 years +3 30 yards +5 (+9)
11-20 years +4 40 yards +4 (+8)
Young Adult:
21-30 years +5 55 yards +3 (+7)
31-45 years +6 60 yards +2 (+6)
Mature Adult:
46-60 years +7 70 yards +1 (+5)
61-80 years +8 80 yards 0 (+4)
Very Old:
81-100 years +9 90 yards -1 (+3)
101- 250 years +10 100 yards -2 (+2)
251 – 500 years +11 125 yards -3 (+1)
Great wyrm:
501 + years +12 150 yards -4 (0)

This means that a Blood Dragon has to become a lvl 12 Dragon Ascendant in order to live beyond 100 years and grow Venerable and beyond.

Breath Weapon/Special Abilities:

A blood dragon’s breath weapon is a dark reddish cloud of hot, acidic gas which is 50′ long, 40′ wide and 30′ high. Creatures within the cloud may save vs breath weapon for half damage. A blood dragon casts its spells as a lvl 13 magic user, adjusted by its combat modifier.
From birth, blood dragons are immune to fire and acid. as they age, they gain the following additional powers:

Hatchling: Heat blood at will (free action). 1 target. save vs spell to resist, spell resistence applies, immunity/resistance to fire applies.
Round 1: You feel extremely warm.
Round 2: 1d4 dmg
Round 3: 2d4 dmg, unable to act (considered stunned)
Round 4: 2d4 dmg, unable to act (considered stunned)
Round 5: 2d4 dmg, unable to act (considered stunned)
Round 6: 1d4 dmg
Round 7: Save vs spell or 1d6:
1) Right hand unusable for 2d4 hours
2) Left hand unusable for 2d4 hours
3) Right foot unusable for 2d4 hours
4) Left foot unusable for 2d4 hours
5) Body, disabled for 1d4 turns (considered stunned)
6) Head, unconcious for 2d4 rounds
Very Young:
Young Adult:
Mature Adult:
Very Old:
Great Wyrm:

(jeg har ikke ført på abilities ennå, men det får bli senere)

Body Tail Breath Spells Treasure XP
Age Length Length AC Weapon Wizard MR Type Value
1 4-5′ 2-3′ 22 1d12X2 1 25%
2 10-14′ 6-10′ 23 2d12X2 2 30%
3 18-23′ 12-19′ 24 3d12X2 2 1 35%
4 27-35′ 21-28′ 25 4d12X2 3 2 40%
5 36-44′ 30-37′ 26 5d12X2 3 2 1 45%
6 45-53′ 39-46′ 27 6d12X2 3 3 2 50%
7 54-62′ 48-55′ 28 7d12X2 3 3 2 1 55%
8 43-71′ 57-64′ 29 8d12X2 3 3 3 2 1 60%
9 52-80′ 66-73′ 30 9d12X2 3 3 3 2 2 1 65%
10 61-89′ 75-82′ 31 10d12X2 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 70%
11 70-98′ 84-91′ 32 11d12X2 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 75%
12 79-107′ 93-100′ 33 12d12X2 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 80%

Blood Scaled Fury

Level Thaco Saves HD HP Abilities
1 +15 as lvl 11 11 88 Fearsome Presence
2 +16 lvl 12 12 96 Draconic Fury 1
3 +17 lvl 13 13 104 Scales of Blood 1
4 +18 lvl 14 14 112 Rend
5 +19 lvl 15 15 120 Extended Fury
6 +20 lvl 16 16 128 Draconic Fury 2
7 +21 lvl 17 17 136 Scales of Blood 2
8 +22 lvl 18 18 144 Incite Rage
9 +23 lvl 19 19 152 Tireless Fury
10 +24 lvl 20 20 160 Draconic Fury 3
11 +25 lvl 21 21 168 Scales of Blood 3
12 +26 lvl 22 22 176 Blinding Speed

Fearsome Presence: The save DC vs fear is increased by 1 pr. Blood Scaled Fury class level.
Draconic Fury 1: Enter Rage as move action: +2 to hit, +2 dmg, + 20+2pr. class lvl hp, -2 AC, +1 saves. Rage lasts for 7 rounds, and the dragon becomes fatigued after that. Rage can be entered once pr. encounter and max. once a day at lvl 1, +1 additional time pr. odd numbered lvl.
Scales of Blood 1: While raging, blood perspires and covers the scales, increasing spell resistance by 1 pr. class level and increasing damage reduction by 5.
Rend: If you strike the same opponent with two claw attacks, you automatically deal 4d10 extra damage.
Extended Fury: Rage lasts 10 rounds.
Draconic Fury 2: +4 to hit, +4 dmg, +20+3pr. class lvl hp, -2 AC, +2 saves
Scales of Blood 2: Spell resistance +1 pr. class level, damage reduction +10
Incite Rage: Can incite rage in willing allies, granting them +2 to hit, +2 dmg, +2 hp pr. lvl, -2 AC, +1 saves for as long as the dragon rages. Allies too, will be fatigued once rage ends.
Tireless Fury: Dragon no longer becomes fatigued once rage ends.
Draconic Fury 3: +6 to hit, +6 dmg, +20+4pr. class lvl hp, -2 AC, +3 saves
Scales of Blood 3: Spell resistance +1 pr. class level, damage reduction +15
Blinding Speed: Can acts as if under the effect of a Haste spell for a total of 12 rounds every day. The duration of the effect need not be consecutive rounds. Activating this power is a free action.

Zarovich discovered that he was born to have a short, but powerful lifespan – much like his father Angelo, just not so short lived and not as powerful. But he found a way to lengthen his life span and did not die. This also allowed him to breed. He was no hermaphrodite, but there was still one single egg inside his body, waiting to get ready. Meanwhile, Zarovich captured a few dragons and tried to mate with them, but they all died. However, as he would later discover, he was able to mate with certain humanoid individuals, creating various kinds of half-dragons – all of which grew to adult size and age in a single year and then would live for another ten before they withered away.

Chapter Four: The Dragon Wars
Author: Zarovich

Zarovich kept to himself for thousands of years, studying the world, studying dragons (he was enthralled by the beauty of dragons), and studying Silvereye. He discovered that Silverye posed as a human king named Yu the Great, and was intrigued as to why Yu would order his most trusted dragon, Isolde, to launch a campaign against the humans, elves and dwarves. But he learned that it was all because of an elven princess Innia, which Yu wanted for himself. And when Yu offered to help the elves against the dragons, Zarovich watched in horror as Yu and his mighty Dragon Riders appeared on the scene, killing off other dragons one by one.

This could not stand, so Zarovich revealed himself to the dragons, taught them strategy, warfare, tactics and led them into battle. Yu, having no idea what Zarovich even was, had no way to counter the father of Blood Dragons, and the dragons on Zarovich’s side were slowly and steadily gaining ground. And when Zarovich created a small force of his own version of Dragon Riders (12 half-dragons, all his own sons and daughters, each with their own Palantir) they were ready to deliver the final blow to Yu the Great and his allies. The battle was to take place on what is today known as the Dragon Plains and his first son, Strahd von Zarovich was to lead the battle while Zarovich himself set out on a near suicide mission to accomplish another goal (what that goal was, is unknown, as the text doesn’t describe it).

But during the last great battle, a group of druids appeared, lead by the mysterious Aranatan. The world had not known druids before, and would never know the likes of these later either. These were the first and, at that time, only druid trained by the forces of nature. Their powers were unmatched, and they laid waste to what had recently been an army of dragons defeating Yu the Great and his allies. And not only that, the druids knew how to make sure a dead dragon stayed dead.

Chapter Five: The secret of the dragon hearts
Author: Zarovich
This chapter describes the well kept secret of the dragons. The only way to kill a dragon is to remove its heart after it has died and keep it isolated until the next full moon. A dead dragon with its heart still intact will come to life at the next full moon. This includes disintegrated dragons. Once the dragon dies, the heart turns to stone. To resurrect a true dragon, the stone heart must be taken to one of the 5 keepers of magic. These can restore life into the heart, which must be placed back into the dead dragon’s body before the next full moon again. If the body is gone, there is no way to resurrect the dragon. However, a dragon heart has other uses too. A dragon mage can gain the powers of the dragon using the stone heart and a specific ritual. A dragon warrior can gain some of the powers of the dragon by eating the heart before it turns into stone. And there might be other secrets the dragon heart hides, but Zarovich has not found these yet…..but there is one he has found which evidently no one else has. A dragon can give up it’s life and turn it’s powers into an essence which fills its heart, transforming the heart into a Palantir – a dragon ball. The dragon can never be brought back to life again, but it’s soul and spirit remains inside the Palantir.

Chapter Six: The Showdown with Silvereye
Author: Zarovich

After the fateful defeat at the Dragon Plains, Zarovich’s army was scattered and broken. 11 of his sons and daughters had been killed and their Palantirs now in the hands of the opposition. His last surviving son had fled the battle together with Zarovich’s right hand, Isolde. And now Yu the Great and the mighty heroes of the Dragon Wars were after Zarovich himself. But the Blood Dragon inhabited powers greater than anyone could imagine. After all, HE had the life essence of a world eater running through his veins. HE had the knowledge which Angelo had at the time of his death. He alone. The other 5 offspring of Angelo were just side effects, freak accidents of nature. HE had the powers of the father of all dragons! The one that Silvereye could not defeat alone!….and this knowledge was his to behold and for Yu and his heroes to discover.

Zarovich waited for his opponents on the burned out, dead plains near his headquarters (there is no mention of where in the world this actually is) and pretended to be mortally wounded after killing off half of them, flying back into his secret lair – thus giving away its location. Yu and the heroes followed, only to be ambushed by the angry Zarovich who killed off all the heroes first and then lured Silvereye into a trap which stripped him off all his powers and transformed Zarovich into Silvereye!

Chapter Seven: The secret chamber below Rome and the egg
Author: Zarovich

This chapter describes how Zarovich created a lair for his one egg. There it would lie until it hatched, and he had made the lair into a study so that his offspring would know all there is to know about dragons and the world. He also left this tome there, for his offspring to read.

Chapter Eight: The crystal ball
Author: Zarovich

This chapter mentions the crystal ball in the lair, which allows his offspring to contact him at any time. There is also a mention of how anyone other than dragons from his direct blood line will subject themselves into being dominated by Zarovich should they ever be foolish enough to gaze into it and establish a connection.

Chapter Nine: How to make armor and weapons from adamantite
Author: Zarovich

This chapter describes how Zarovich has placed massive amounts of adamantite in the lair under Rome, and instructions on how his offspring might create armors and weapons from it. The thing that will make the adamantite soft enough to be formed into objects is being immersed in Blood Dragon blood for 24 hours. There are also plans for how to make the dragon armor set here.

Chapter Ten: Vlaziska
Author: Vlaziska

This chapter and the rest of the tome is written by Zarovich’s only true offspring, Vlaziska. She is a female Blood Dragon unable to mate, and described her hurried quest for power (as she must reach lvl 12 dragon ascendant before her short life span ends in order to gain immortality). After laying a few eggs in the lair and writing the rest of this tome, she is once again off to continue her search for everlasting life. The rest of this text is her words of advice for her children.

Chapter Eleven: The entombed child
Author: Vlaziska

In this chapter Vlaziska explains to her offspring why they should NEVER open the gigantic gate with 20 locks. Inside there is a small human baby which is the former Immortal Silvereye. Zarovich was not able to kill him, but managed to take away almost all his powers. But he is still quite powerful. He may fulfill one wish every day and he is indestructible. If he is fed and nurtured, he will age normally. If someone tries to harm him, he will age one month pr. attempt. And last, but not least, as he ages, his powers will return to him, eventually restoring all his powers!

There is also a note on how he is in fact no longer Silvereye, but a force which will mold itself as it grows. How he turns out, what kind of power he will be, will be greatly influenced by how he is treated and how he ends up percieving the world around him. The trap/ritual Zarovich laid for him, resetetted him in a way. He seems to have his memories and knowledge still, but guards it well. But as noted, DO NOT open the gate!

Chapter Twelve: Aranatan and his druids, plotting our revenge
Author: Vlaziska

Here, Vlaziska explains how Zarovich’s dragons were only defeated due to the power of Aranatan and his druids. She knows that her father has plans to get even with the druids, and since he has now assumed the shape and identity of Silvereye himself, they must travel to Yu the Great and report for duty there. He is in fact their grandfather, but they must never reveal that to anyone.

Chapter Thirteen: Last Scribblings
Author: Vlaziska

These pages seem to have been added to the tome after it was finished. Vlaziska here explains that King Yu has disappeared and that she used the crystal ball to contact him. He is now trapped in Hell, after being lured into a trap laid by victims of the true Silvereye’s earlier trickery. She tells her children to ignore her hologram in the lair and try to find a way to get into Hell instead, to save their grandfather from suffering the fate of a prison designed for the fifth immortal!!

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