Access to The Plane of Trials is only given to those very few exceptional individuals who are worthy and bold enough to try to leave their mortal status behind and begin the climb to Godhood.

The Plane of Trials is inhabited by gruesome monsters and lethal plantlife, legendary animals and other creatures which are still unknown. This is a plane even the Demigods du not wish to venture to unnecessarily.

Effects in The Plane of Trials:
Only epic spells, artifact, relics and supernatural abilities of 50 HD+ creatures function (or supernatural abilities granted by epic spells). Spellike abilities only work if they resemble epic spells. No immunities work. No MR, SR or DR works. This only applies to visitors! The inhabitants of The Plane of Trials are not affected by this, as well as Demigods, Gods and Greater gods. No one, not even Greater Gods can planeshift to or from The Plane of Trials!

The air and water and earth of The Plane of Trials is deadly in a weird way. Unkown why, anyone not a natural inhabitant here takes 1 hp of non-healable/regenable dmg every round until you leave The Plane of Trials. The only way to leave and enter is through the gate. In addition, this damage deals 1 more dmg each round for every time you have already visited this plane.

Those who succeed this trial is given a mansion in City of Union and is granted the title Honorary Citizen of City of Union (in addition to other rewards related to the road to Godhood)

The Trial:
Enter the Gate into The Plane of Trials.
Disarm the 6-armed weaponmaster guarding the door out of the chamber you enter. He will open the gate as soon as all his arms have been disarmed.

The Weapon Master

6-armed Large construct
HD: 29d10+40 (199 hp)
Initiative: -1
Movement: 12
AC: 36
Hit: +37
#: 6
Dmg: 4d6+18 (scimitar, morning star, footman’s pick, battle axe, quarterstaff, trident)
All weapons are +5 adamantite weapons, and all bypass stoneskin
Construct Traits
DR 50/all
darkvision 60 feet
low-light vision
SR acid, cold, electricity and fire 10
MR: 100%
Immune to all missiles
Reflects all targeted spells back to caster if they pass through MR
Special whirlwind attack – all attacks strike at all targets within range
Sonic attacks heal the Weapon Master for twice the dmg it would inflict
The Weapon Master will sound a steamlike whistle every 10 rounds after it has been damaged. This sound deals 10d6 dmg and heals the Weapon Master for 3 times the dmg done.
If disarmed, it will not pick up any weapons again until it has been completely disarmed and has opened the door. Killing the Weapon Master will destroy it and the door cannot be opened.

Enter the jungle outside. You will see a lot of mountains around you, all covered with jungle. There are a lot of noises from animals, beasts and monsters. It is daylight. In the skies, flying creatures can be seen. Amongst those, several dragons.

Locate the waterfall, which is 10 rounds of running away from the gate (movement 12). There should be a path going towards it. Anyone with Tracking will see it immediately. Without Tracking, a successful Observation check, will reveal the path. Without tracking or Observation, you will have a 1 in 8 chance to walk in the right direction. The other directions will lead you right into the dangerous midst of the jungle.
Water runs into the waterfall from all sides, and there is a 100m drop down into the water below. The water rushes away into an underwater river at a terrible speed. The current has a movement of 180, and runs for 1 hour before it gushes out outside a lava lake. At 90 movement, the underwater river will deal 1d6 dmg each round from the rock wall and stalagmites etc. The lava lake deals 10d6 dmg each round you swim in it. (it takes 10 rounds to swim out of it at 12 swim speed). This entry point is 10,8 kilometres away from the Gate, and the Jungle reduces your movement by 50%
Below the waterfall and river, there is a cave. The only way to get into the cave is to have enough momentum when hitting the water. You gain this momentum by diving down. There is a DC 35 dexterity check to see if you hit the water without taking damage (swimming adds +4 to the roll, as does tumbling and diving (these are cumulative). If you fail, you take 20d6 dmg and must pass a DC 35 con check in order to keep your momentum and hit the cave safely (swimming and tumbling adds +4 to this check each). If you succeed any of the saves, you enter the cave below.
The water is clear enough for anyone to get a bearing. You must wim for 18 rounds at 12 speed before you get to a point where you can leave the water. Once out of the water, there is a Hydra waiting which will assault you immediately.

The Hydra

Warforged 12-Headed Pyrohydra

HP: 261 [4d10+12d10+63+18d10] (30 HD)
Each head has 22 HP (if a head has 0 hp or less, it will grow back in 24 hours)
Hit: +38
#: 12
Breath weapon: Each head can breathe fire once every 1d4 rounds for 3d6 fire dmg. save vs BW for half.
saves: +20
Movement: 9
AC: 30
DR: 2/adamantite
Fast Healing 22
Darkvision 60 feet
Low-light vision
Immune to poison, fire, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion and energy drain
Cannot heal damage naturally
Is disabled at 0 hp, but dies at -10.
No need to eat, sleep or breathe
Blindfighting, Combat Reflexes

Adamantite Body: +8 armor and DR 2/adamantite
Adamantite Jaws: overcome DR of constructs and objects
Moderate fortification: 75% chance to negate critical hits and backstab bonus dmg

Behead the Hydra. It’s 12 heads each take 24 hours to grow back and the body is indestructible. Once all heads are gone, you can open the chest it is guarding. The chest contains a potion of Heal (heals all dmg except the unhealable dmg), a key to a door inside this cave and an epic scroll; Eternal Freedom. You can only use one of the items.

Open the door. If you don’t have a key, you need to be able to open it in some other fashion. The lock is extremely hard to pick (-100% on OL), magically trapped (-100% FRT) with a summon hydra spell which means you will have to defeat the Hydra again, only this time without any rewards. The trap takes 24 hours to recharge. Knock doesn’t work for obvious reasons (it’s not an epic spell).
Behind the door is a slippery stair which goes upwards in a spiral. It reduces movement by half and it takes 20 rounds to climb if you have running and a base movement of 12 (before having it cut in half). If not, it takes 40 rounds to climb.
Once you have climbed the stairs, you will walk though a gate of sorts and enter an arena on the floor of the jungle. Huge, thick trees form the walls around it, and they are evidently alive, with vines stretching about, covering all small holes and entrances. These trees will make an opening at the other end of this arena (the arena is 9m in radius and any creatures larger than Gigantic in size will get stuck in the trees, cutting their AC, hit and physical dmg in half. From the other side, a 3-headed Flying Paragon Sirrush will appear.

Three-headed Flying Paragon Sirrush
Large Magical Beast
HD: 45d10+855 (1.845 hp)
Initiative: +25
Movement: 144, Flying 288
AC: 79
#: 4 claws, 3 bites
Hit: +88
Dmg: Claws 3d6+38/19-20 (+1d6 on critical hits), bite 4d6+29/19-20
Stunning Roar
Blindsight 350 feet
DR 35/+6
Darkvision 60 feet
Fast Healing 25
Low-light vision
MR: 150%
SR: acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic 15
Saves: +36
Feats: alertness, Cleave, Dodge, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Improved Bullrush, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Critical (claws), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Multiattack, Power Attack, Spring Attack, Weapon focus (bite), Weapon Focus (claws), Flyby Attack, Power Climb
Epic Feats: Blinding Speed (X7) (ie. 35 rounds of Haste daily), Overwhelming Critical (claws), Superior Initiative
3/day: greater dispel magic, haste, see invisibility
CR: 40
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The Sirrush is a four-legged predator of undisputed ferocity and unrelenting hunger. A Sirrush has the form of a lean carnivorous cat with thick dragonlike scales instead of fur. It’s wings are also scaled. It weighs around 750 pounds, with a coloration of mottled black and silver. Instead of a mane of hair it has a protective bone plate, which shields its head and neck from otherwise lethal blows; likewise, it’s dragonlike scales save it from the worst of any elemental effect. Oversized inscisors jut from its equally large mouth, and its talonlike claws leave no doubt that the creature is a fearsome foe.
The rarer, far deadlier three-headed Sirrush dominates average Sirrushes. Sirrushes hunt anything, but specialize in hunting dragons. A slain dragon is enough to feed a Sirrush pack for a week, although that doesn’t necessarily stop them from hunting other creatures for sport. Sirrushes speak Sylvan and Draconic.

A sirrush’s natural weapons are treated as epic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Stunning Roar (Ex)
Every 1d4 rounds, a sirrush can loose a sonic attack of such volume that it stuns all creatures in a 60-foot spread for 1d4 rounds if they fail a con check (DC 35, or DC 40 for a three-headed sirrush).

Pounce (Ex)
If a sirrush charges or leaps upon a foe during its first round of combat, it can make a full attack even if it has already taken a move action.

Headloss Resistance (Ex)
A sirrush’s thick bony plate protects its neck like a shield and provides resistance from effects that could normally behead it, such as a vorpal weapon. When a sirrush or three-headed sirrush would otherwise lose its head, it instead makes a saving throw vs Death(DC 10 + ½ HD of attacker + attacker’s Str modifier). On a failed save, the sirrush’s head leaves its shoulders normally, but on a successful save, the sirrush is unaffected by the beheading. A sirrush dies when beheaded; a three-headed sirrush goes on fighting until all its heads are lost (the only penalty it incurs is one or two fewer bite attacks when it makes a full attack).

You need to defeat the Sirrush somehow and use it to fly to the mountain top you can see from the arena (the sirrush will fight you on the ground as long as you stay on the ground, but pursue you iff you take to the air). The Sirrush will submit itself to you at half its hp or if you are able to mount it and stay on it long enough without it throwing you off (the sirrush is a magical beast, so its animalistic nature might be of some help for druids and others with animal empathy/handling/lore etc).

Mounting a Sirrush:

You must make a successful mounting try (Standard Action) on the Sirrush in order to get a hold of it (AC 79). Use your hit on your hands. Tumbling, Jumping, Animal Empathy, Wrestling, and Animal Handling all add +4 to this attempt. If you succeed, you have managed to swing yourself on its back. If you fail, you cannot make another attempt until your next turn.
Once mounted, the Sirrush will take to the air and try to get you off. It can perform the following actions:
Scrape you off against the trees in the arena (these are 30m tall trees): Flying airborne (DC 30) or Dex check (DC 35) or Con check (DC 35). Tumbling and animal handling adds +4 each to this check. Either way, you take 1d20 dmg and another 2d6 if you fall off.
Power Climb: Flying airborne check (DC 25), Dex Check (DC 30). Animal Handling adds +4 to this check. if you fall off, you take 10d6 dmg.
Flying upside down: Flying Airborne check (DC 30), STR check (DC 35). If you fall off, you take 20d6 dmg.
Spinning Dive: Flying Airborne Check (DC 25). Dex check (DC 30). Animal lore adds +4 to this check. if you fall off, you take 10d6 dmg.

The sirrush will try all these moves in succession, and after each such attempt, you get a Charisma check (DC 35) (animal handling/training/empathy each add +4 to this check). If you succeed, the Sirrush will stop trying to toss you off and will obey your commands. If you fail, you get another attempt after it’s next attempt to get rid of you. This attempts will loop over and over until you win or it tosses you off. Then the fight will resume inside the arena if possible.

Once you gain control of the Sirrush, or you are able to fly and try to escape it, or you kill it and have to get moving on your own, you will want to get to the mountain top as soon as possible. The Sirrush, which has a flying movement of 288 will use 10 rounds to get there, using Power Climb and 20 rounds without. Using Power Climb requires a successful dex check on your part (DC 25) or the Riding airborne skill.

The arena will dissolve itself after the fight (the trees spread out), and it is located 20 rounds of running away from the gate (movement 12).

On your way to the mountain top, you will probably notice a lot of dragons flying around. These will leave you alone if you are riding the sirrush, but assault you and try to eat you if not.
Once safely on the mountain top, you will see a red flower. Pick it and feed it to the Sirrush. If you have the Herbalism skill, you will be able to safely pick a 2nd plant and store it in a suitable container (assuming you brought one) without killing it. The container needs soil from this plane and air from it (it has to be air tight), and it must be transparent, so that the plant gets light. Picking a 2nd plant will take 10 rounds and you will need to succeed a Herbalism chack (DC 35) at the end to see if you managed to pull it off.
If you don not have Herbalism or do not want to waste any time, that’s ok. It’s not as if you need a 2nd plant anyhow. It’s just that it has extremely magical properties and if you bring it back with you, you will be able to open the container after a whole year and eat it yourself, too. Eating it on The Plane of trials results in immediate death of you are not a natural ihabitant. Removing the plant from this plane will cause it to lose all its powers and deadliness. But after a year in a safe container, its powers return without the fatalness and anyone will be able to eat it and gain the same powers which it will now bestow on your Sirrush mount (inhabitants of The Plane of Trials are not allowed to pick such plants themselves, and can only eat one if someone else feeds it to them):

Immortality – can no longer die from natural causes, including old age. No need to eat, sleep or breathe. Can still be killed in physical and magical combat.

Once your Sirrush has eaten the plant, it will bond with you and fly you to the gate. 5 rounds with power dive (DC 25 dex check or riding airborne skill) and 10 rounds without. The Sirrush will enter the gate with you if you want it to, or it will stay behind on The Plane of Trials if you prefer. But that also means it wil lose its bond to you forever, and no other Sirrush will ever bond with you again.

If you enter the City of Union with a flying 3-headed Sirrush at your side, you have passed the test and will become a lvl 1 Demigod Ascendant (as well as getting your own mansion in City of Union and the title Honorary Citizen of City of Union).

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