Once a Zen master reaches lvl 21, it is time for him to embark on a new journey – the journey of the mind!

An Epic Zen Master will gain a +1 Zen bonus to AC/saves/DR every EZM level. In addition, his MR will increase by 5% pr. EZM lvl, and his SR by 5.

Lvl Abilities
21 Zen Sanctuary (Ex)
22 Journey of the Mind 1
23 Zen Confidence (Ex)
24 Journey of the Mind 2
25 Zen Evasion (Ex)
26 Journey of the Mind 3
27 Zen Absorbation (Ex)
28 Journey of the Mind 4
29 Zen Calculations (Ex)
30 Journey of the Mind 5

Zen Sanctuary: Anyone wishing to attack the Zen Master must save vs spell (DC=10+zen master’s level), unless he is already engaged in combat. In that case, the DC is the same as the zen master’s lvl.

Zen Confidence:
The mere presence of the zen master will bost the confidence of any of his companions within 5 feet pr. lvl in such a way that they all gain a +1 bonus to initiative/AC/saves/hit/dmg at all times.

Zen Evasion:
The Zen Master is able to evade all hostile attacks (melee, ranged, spells and abilities) by a successful DEX check (DC = 10+opponent’s HD/lvl)

Zen Absorbation:
The Zen Master will absorb the first CON dmg recieved from any source (including environmental and falling down etc.). This is not a kind of Damage Reduction (DR), and comes into effect before after DR has been calculated.

Zen Calculations:
The Zen Master will always win initiative and he will never be surprised by any turn of events.

Journey of the Mind (Ex):

1) The Zen Master’s mind fuctions as a crystal ball with telepathic abilities as well as clairaudience and clairvoyance. Limitless uses daily.

2) The Zen Master can Planeshift his mind to any plane and journey there for as long as up to 1 turn pr. ZM lvl. At any point during the journey, he can choose to let the mind return to the body or let the body follow the mind to the plane in question (thus manifesting at the place where his mind is). During such a planeshift, his mind will appear as a shimmering force in the shape of the ZM (note that it cannot pass through physical barriers). It cannot be damaged, and cannot attack itself. It CAN communicate with others through the ZMs telepathic powers (but cannot influence others, cast spells, etc.). However, the ZMs mind CAN be banished. If the ZMs body is affected in any way while his mind is away, it will immediately return to his body.

3) The ZMs mind is protected and autonomous, using the physical body as a vessel. This results in the ZM being impervious to all hostile spells, abilities and effects which do not cause hp damage, and his body has permanent Free Action.

4) The ZMs mind has expanded so much he can now (as an Extraordinary ability) “cast” all Divination arcane and divine spells as a caster of same level as his own character level. Although the results will be the same as the spells, there is nothing supernatural about this, it’s just that the ZM has reached a whole other level of logical reasoning and conciousness.

5) The ZMs mind has liberated itself from its bodily vessel, and the ZM will not perish if his body is killed or destroyed. Instead, he will manifest a new body from the matters of the universe at a chosen and prepared location after 1d10 days. However, this also means that he cannot be Raised or Resurrected if his body dies. In addition, every time he manifests a new body the ZM sacrifices a level. The new manifested body can be of any physical age the ZM chooses, and its physical properties can be of any combination of his combined STR/DEX/CON.

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