This is a continuation of the Hero class, dealing with the levels above lvl 20.

Lvl 21: Battlecry (Ex), free action

Inspire awe in opponents, reducing their hit, AC, dmg and saves by half your level (round down). this costs a Heroic Fight and you cannot use Heroic Fight during any encounter where you also use Battlecry.
Area: 100 feet radius
No save

Lvl 22: Karma (Ex)

At any time during an encounter (even after your own death), you can decide to go back in time and do the encounter again.
Usable once a day.
Cost: 1 level

Lvl 23: Heroic Sacrifice (Ex)

Usable against any attack, spell, trap or whatever that kills a companion within double your movement rating (ie. 2 move actions away). You can rush forward and pull/push/throw/whatever your companion out of harm’s way and face the full effect of the assault. this bypasses any immunities and resistances etc. you have, but you are allowed a save if any is applicable.
Full round action, usable whenever (but you keep your old initiative and will be unable to act upon your next round)

Lvl 24: Glorious Reputation (Ex)

Wherever you go, people will treat you with the best they can offer – ie. treated as a king of kings by all, even intelligent opponents.
Game terms; Never pay for anything, never poisoned, backstabbed, ambushed, intrigued against or lied to.
+5 on all encounter reactions
+4 initiative
+4 all saves

Lvl 25: Heroic Incarnation (Ex)

You are a living legend, larger than life. No negative effects from aging, no dying of old age.
Heroic Fight usable once a day
Extra Epic Feat

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