21 Access to the para-elemental planes
22 Access to the Plane of Shadows
23 Access to the Inner Planes, the Inner Plane probability lines (the 7th dimension) and the Plane of Concordant Opposition
24 Wis Bonus to AC, Hit and Dmg
25 Plane Shift as Movement Action, unlimited times daily
26 Epic Monster Companion
27 Epic Out of Body Wild Shape
28 The Power of Summer
29 The Power of Winter
30 Eternal Freedom
31 Access to the Demiplane City of Union
32 Prophetic Word

Epic Monster companion (Ex): By carefully and fearlessly approaching a monster whose HD is not equal to or greater than the druid, he can try to befriend the monster by rolling a an encounter reaction check (2d10). On a roll of 19-20 (including cha modifers for encounter checks), the monster will befriend the druid and stay loyal towards it as long as it is treated fairly. This monster will act as a Hencheman and must be treated accordingly. The druid can only have as many HD monster companions as his own lvl (ie. a lvl 24 druid can have two 12 HD monster companions or one 23 HD companion, but not a 24 HD companion or a 12 HD and a 13 HD companion), and must have Hencheman slots available. If the monster is already attacking the druid or his party (and the druid has not yet committed any hostile actions towards the monster or any of its affiliates), the monster is allowed a save first (save vs spell DC 20 + half the druid’s lvl (round down)). Monster companions are in addition to normal animal companions.

Epic Out of Body Wild Shape: As a Full Round Action, you can materialize your own Wild Shape form outside yourself and let it fight alongside you for (lvl/2) rounds a day.

The Power of Summer: Either create warm summer conditions in ANY location (10 feet cube pr lvl) for 24 hours or radiate 1d100 non-magical heat dmg pr. round for 10 rounds in a 10 feet radius sphere. The sphere moves with the caster.

The Power of Winter: Same as Summer, only cold.

Eternal Freedom:
(same as the Epic spell) Permanently immune to the following specific spells, effects and spell-like abilities: entangle, hold, imprisonment, paralysis, petrification, sleep, slow, stunning, temporal stasis and web.

Prophetic Word: Usable once a year. Make a prophecy which WILL happen (the DM might twist any prophecy which is badly worded or tries to do too much). Cannot affect more than 10.000 HD/lvl creatures, valuables worth more than 2.5 million gold, or creatures of demigod or higher status. Bypasses spell resistance, but a saving throw is allowed if the effect is unwanted: Charisma check DC 45 (ie. a character with 25 cha needs a natural 20).

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