The Martial Artists of Vest all belong to one of eight different styles, each paying tribute to the characteristics of an animal. Being a martial artist also means protecting your village against dangers and participating in tournaments which in turn might serve to raise your personal social standing in the Vest society.

Fighter Class

STR 18

Your first proficiency slot on your totem style is free.
You learn how to use the Iron Bar, a devastating weapon.

You cannot advance beyond level 3 until you have learned the special attack of your style, something which requires you to solve a task given to you from your master. A lot of martial artist leave the class in pursuit of another fighter class after giving up their quest. A typical quest involves making your way to a temple in the jungle where a real live animal of your style will attack you, dealing only subdual damage. This animal can only be damaged by your style’s special attack and will only receive subdual damage from it. Every round the animal attacks you (using the special attack of your style, so add +1 hit/dmg pr HD of the animal), you get a DC 35 WIS check to discover the secret of the attack. Once you have discovered it, you must succeed at DC 35 INT check to be able to use it against the animal. You get one check every round you try. Usually, this leaves people beat up and hurt for days and weeks until they finally succeed. Which is why most people give up entirely. Every time you are knocked unconcious, the animal will disappear and not reappear until the next day.

Lvl    Abilities
1    Iron Bar Proficiency, Totem Style
3    Style Special Attack
5    Iron Bar Specialization
10    Iron Bar Expert
12    Improved Special Attack
15    Iron Bar Master
20    Iron Bar Artist

Iron Bar Proficiency: Able to wield and use the Iron Bar, a two-handed iron pole weighing 50 kg. Although anyone with at least 18 STR is able to pick it up and strike someone with it for 1d10 dmg, only martial artists learn the maneuvers which turns it into a deadly weapon on the battlefield. Your movement is reduced by 6 while carrying an Iron Bar. Attacking with it is a full-round action.
Totem Style: You start your journey as a martial artist and get your first proficiency slot in the style you are studying. There are 8 styles, and each is stronger than one while weaker than another. Tiger beats Mantis, which beats Snake, which beats Leopard, which beats Bear, which beats Monkey, which beats Eagle, which beats Crane, which beats Tiger. Your totem style is cumulative with Martial Arts WP, and grants either +3 hit, dmg or AC pr. slot you designate to it. Once you choose hit, dmg or AC, you must stick to that for all your new slots, too.
Style Special Attack: This is your style’s trademark, and you cannot learn it without completing a quest given from your master. This attack is a standard action and deals lethal damage instead of subdual. In addition, you get +1 hit/dmg pr. lvl performing this attack. If you strike the style you prey upon, your hit/dmg bonus is doubled. If you strike the style which preys on you, you get no bonus. Trying to counter such a strike is harder than countering other kinds of attacks, so the DC is increased by 1 pr. lvl. The style you prey upon has it’s DC increased by another +1 pr. lvl, and the style which preys on you parries it like normal attakcs (DC = your hit + 12).
Iron Bar Specialization: The Iron Bar now deals 2d10 dmg. Attacking with it is a Standard Action.
Iron Bar Expert: The Iron Bar deals 3d10 dmg, and the attack is a Whirwind attack. Movement penalty reduced to 3.
Improved Special Attack: You special attack now also get hit/dmg bonus from DEX.
Iron Bar Master: The Iron Bar deals 4d10 dmg and you get an AoO on everyone who enters a square you threaten.
Iron Bar Artist: The Iron Bar deals 5d10. No movement penalty. You can now also perform a movement action in addition to the standard action (but not perform 2 movement action). During the movement action, you will automatically attack everyone within reach (even friendlies).

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