The Picts are originally from Avalon, a fabled kingdom where King Arthur and his knights reigned from Castle Camelot. When Arthur and his men were slain by the demon Daliah, the whole of Avalon was transformed into treacherous swampland. And it stayed that way for almost a millennium, until the day a direct descendant of the old king entered Camelot and claimed it as his own. Brent Campbell of Breadalbane was his name, and the picts swore allegiance to King Brent. After Brent was crowned king, the swamps reverted back to forests and farmland, but the picts stayed the same. After a thousand years of living in the most deadly swamps known to man, they had become master survivalists.

+1 STR
+1 DEX
+2 CON
-5 CHA

Picts ignore hp rolls of 1-3.
All HD categories are one die size larger – wizards roll d6, rogues d8, priests d10 and fighters d12.
Low light vision
Infravision 120 feet
Move without trace in swamps and marshes
95% undetectable in swamps and marshes if they stand still
50% MR
Con bonus to saves (same as dwarves)
Immune to Fear

Bonus NWP:
Survival (swamp)
Sign Language
signaling (underground)

The trademark of the picts is their fondness of the dark and how they have adapted to it. In everything from the greyness of dusk to pitch black, they use their hearing and infravison in a form of blind-fighting which grants them +2 hit and AC.

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