The Black Sand Fighting Style is used by the Black Sand Assassins, and is unavailable for everyone else. The assassins can use all their WPs on this style if they want, and even though it is an unarmed combat style, its benefits work on exotic weapons as well.

When chosing the first slot on Black Sand Fighting, the Black Sand Assassin must choose between 3 different approaches. This choice cannot be changed later. The 3 variations of the style are:

Accurate: +1 hit/lvl
Damaging: +1 dmg/lvl
Defensive: +1 natural AC/lvl

The benefits from the first slot is either the bonus from Accurate, Damaging or Defensive, in addition to +1 attack/hit/dmg/AC and +1 range on the Martial arts table.

From the 2nd slot onwards, the Assassin gains +1 attack/hit/dmg/AC and one maneuver from Table 19 in The Complete Ninja’s Handbook. All Maneuvers in all Principal Merhods are available, but you still must have chosen all earlier Maneuvers in a Principal Method to chose one that comes later.

For every 5 slots taken, the Assassin also gets to choose between the following abilities:
Hide in Plain Sight
Freedom of Movement
Fast Healing 1/lvl
Vanish – once daily, disappear just before taking damage and reappear up to 5 feet/lvl with an automatic attempt to MS/HS
Improved Unarmed Strike
Stunning Fist
Ki Strike
Dimension Step – once daily at will, disappear and reappear nearby during your own turn, range is 10 feet/lvl
Ki Breath – hold breath for 1 turn/lvl daily
Ki Strength – increase STR by +5 one round/lvl daily
Ki Movement – able to walk on water 5 feet/lvl or through solid material 1 feet/lvl twice each daily
Ki Power – allowed a second save if the first fails, once daily
Greater Ki Power – requires Ki Power, allowed a save against effects which do not have saves once daily, save vs Death DC 20

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