From level 20, the Epic Sharpshooter‘s hit rating with his personal weapon increases by 2 every level instead of 1, and his regular hit rating increases by 1 every level. In addition, every third level (lvl 23, 26, etc.), the Epic Sharpshooter gets to choose one ability from the following list (abilities marked with * can be chosen several times):

1: *+1 Initiative, +1 hit rating on ranged attacks and +1 arrow on One man firing squad
2: One man firing Squad can be performed every round, and there is no cooldown period.
3: If an Epic Sharpshooter is flanking his target, his backstab bonus is applied to the first shot of every round.
4: The hit penalty on Sniper Shot is removed, and WIS scores above 18 will help increase the chance to hit further (as pr. 3.5 Ed rules). No need to observe the target in advance, and one shot can be fired every round as a full round action. The minimum distance a Sniper Shot can be fired from is 30 feet.
5: *Personal weapon damage is even one die category higher. Die categories are as follows: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 2d8, 1d20, 2d12, 3d10, 4d10, 5d10, etc.
6: Sniper Shot will not automatically reveal the location of the Epic Sharpshooter. Instead, he needs a new MS/HS roll for every shot taken, with a -50% penalty pr. shot. Hide in Plain Sight cannot be used in the same round as Sniper Shot.
7: WIS bonus to hit rating is applied to all ranged attacks, and the WIS bonus to Sniper shot is doubled.
8: *+100% range and arrow damage on Sniper Shot.
9: Able to use any melee weapon, not just small ones.
10: INT bonus to hit rating.

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